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Wanted: One perfectly average soldier

Razelle Breuner

Rogue Element
I had an interesting idea for an RP, and I need someone to help me make it happen.

Razelle Breuner has been MIA for months, both IC and OOC. This tends to be the kind of environment in which she excels. Raz is looking for something very specific, something which only an official organization like a galactic military would have any of. So she picks one and takes it, with absolutely zero regard to the lives lost or property damaged in the process. Infiltration, explosions, death and violence.

So a facility at which one (or possibly more, but I work best in private RPs) perfectly normal soldier is stationed on security detail comes under attack by a mysterious assailant. No warning, no visible threat. The automated defenses go on the fritz, the electronic security malfunctions horribly, and bodies start turning up. What's worse, some bodies don't turn up.

Essentially, I want to write a mook horror movie. A thread dedicated to a soldier who is unfortunately dispatched to a facility under siege. A thread about what the soldiers of a military base feel in all of those spec ops action games. One predator and a full building of prey. Any takers?

Oh, and needless to say, this is going to be catering to a very specific kind of writer. Not everyone can (or is willing to) do horror, and not everyone is interested in playing the part of the action survivor, rather than the hero. This won't be first-come-first serve at all. I will be exercising favoritism to its furthest extent.
Zahori Denko
well, I'm not necessarily an average soldier but I could pretend to be for something like this. Site needs more horror and fear and less bars, parties, and smiles.
@[member="Razelle Breuner"]

Razelle Breuner

Rogue Element
Search, search, sear- Oh my crap, is that Gilamar? I think we have a winner! @[member="Jaden Taacyn"]

I'll shoot you something PM-shaped in a few minutes. Been waiting for an excuse to try you out for months. ^_^