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Walking out of infested waters to find a lovely beach.

Darth Mortivious said:
Hola! Welcome to the site! I'm sure you'll find the site quite nice and friendly!
Yeah I hope so, I just lost a SWRP community, there site is down or something. 404 error'd and it couldn't come in a better time (sarcasm). I just started there with my character, Zadnor Vex, in a site story arc RP event influenced by the novel Death Troopers, which makes me sad to be honest, because I can't get involved now.
Welcome to Chaos. Daxton Bane, Intergalactic mischief maker and sometime poet at your service.

Any idea of what kind of stories would interest you? I am sure we can work something out.

Also on a side note, although I cannot promise that we don't suffer errors here on Chaos, I CAN promise that the Admin and staff usually get things back and running rather quickly. There isn't an free SW rp site with such excellent service, that is something I can attest to.

Yours in the Dark Side.
The Eternal Queen
Also, Trebantes. welcome. Why don't you ditch that darkside thing and join me instead? It'a way more fun! I promise! I have glitter!
Eating chocolate chip cookies with Tahira isn't a bad way to start the morning. Even better if we eat them off her thighs. Better for me anyway.

Beware Feena she will try to civilize you. hahaha next thing you know you're all nice and proper.

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