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Waking Up to a New World {Darth Arcis}

Antoir Setrrin

I've Met My End

Every night brought the same dream. A simple road, trees on either side. No matter how long you walked, you'd never reach the end. Rain poured down as the wind shook the earth. Though you never got wet. Even if you laid down on the road, waiting for something to run you over, the water would just move around you, as if a barrier protected you. If you ran things would only seem to slow down... you'd just end up back at the start. Turning around wasn't an option either.

For what felt like hours you would just stand there, waiting for a change that would never come. Oddly... it was calming. There was finally something that stayed the same. Something you could rely on, even as the rest of reality flipped around. Part of me was almost sad to leave when it was time to wake up. But I knew that I'd be back, and that better things were outside. So now I stand up, letting the rain crash down around me. It is time to move again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A quiet beeping woke me up, letting me know I had arrived at my destination. The Starlight Victor, my personal ship, was slowly approaching the planet of Tantorus. Against Circe's preference, I had decided to travel the galaxy again. We had successfully had our first kid, Renn'Dar, together. But he was doing fine, and I knew he was in capable hands. Meanwhile there was still me- missing a lifetime of memories, still unsure of my own priorities. Traveling had always helped me relax, so here I was.

I knew little of the jungle planet, other then the fact that it was very, very hot. Usually I tried to avoid planets like that, but something drew me here... Something about the world just screamed at me, telling me to come. Despite my better judgement, I set course for a clearing outside a small settlement. What I would find here wasn't important. It was what would find me that mattered.

I just hoped it wouldn't be anything to deadly.

My ship landed semi-quietly, though a tad roughly. For a few minutes I gathered my gear, putting on my Caedo of Moeror armor. The suit had served me well on several occasions now. There was no way I was going out there without. I slung my pack over my shoulder and clicked the helmet into place. With that I was ready to go. Taking another moment to center myself I exited the ship, stepping out into the unknown.
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Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@[member="Ven'Rain Sekairo"]

Without hesitation, the tribute anxiously pressed forward. Red-skinned warriors flanked the sides of the golden shrine, offerings of food, wealth, and desirable possessions filled the metallic carrier to the brim. The warriors, clad in armor and adorned with honorable weaponry, carefully directed their tribute up the steep steps of the temple. Each step they took was one of intense pleasure and happiness, just the fact that they were permitted to step foot on holy ground gave them enough hope to last them for the remainder of their lives. It was their entire reason for being here anyways. Service to the King, the only true manifestation of God that they needed.

​Several pairs of yellow-hued eyes cast upwards to the silhouette before the rising sun. A lone figure stood atop the peak of the temple, majestic armor donned his own figure as he set his own eyes upon the gifts proceeding towards him. Within moments, the golden shrine and the gifts were set before the King. Each warrior knelt in the presence of their savior, the one who had been named the prophet of the olden tales. And indeed, the people's naming of him was the correct one. He united their Kingdoms without warfare, merely the words and the sheer might of his presence brought the ancient people into his grasp. He wasn't too kind, yet he wasn't the worst king. King Arcis ruled with an even hand, these people deserved his kindness yet they mustn't get too rowdy with their freedoms.

All in all, he was sensibly viewed in the eyes of the other politicians of the Fringe. Not that he cared too much about their opinion, their people and territory didn't matter to him. He had his own people to lead. The tribute before him, the kneeling warriors, and the crowds of thousands of onlookers below, he began to state his claim. "[My people, you are far too kind.]" He spoke, stepping forward. "[You bring gifts and respect to my authority and all I can do is look upon this with awe. I am highly pleased with the offerings.]" The ancient language left his lips, the tendrils upon his cheeks quivering slightly with profound pride in the subjects before him.

An eruption of applause and cheer cascaded throughout the massive city. Millions upon millions of warriors, priests, and skilled workers stopped what they were doing to give praise to their savior and King.

Life was good.

Antoir Setrrin

I've Met My End
Sticks crunched under my boots, making me cringe. Who knew what was out here? If I caught it's attention... Quickly I shook my head to clear my thoughts. That wasn't going to happen. Nothing bad was going to get in my way. This would be a simple trip. Land, look around, hunt a little, and get out. Simple as that. Maybe bring back a few animals as trophies. Hopefully that would be it... There was a sinking feeling in my gut, which was never a good thing. Last time... had been before the accident. But history was not going to repeat itself. No more accidents. I'd be alright.

Pushing past some bizarre plants I kept moving, my helmet mapping about my movements. Something up ahead was making some noise, just enough for my earpiece to pick up. Making a mental note to keep my blaster raised, I started towards it. The farther I walked, the louder the noise got. It couldn't just be one person... No, it had to be many. Far more then I had anticipated. Muttering a few curses I pressed forward, picking up my pace. What I saw when I reached the clearing took my breath. A city. Massive. Far larger then those back on Ord Mantell. Gasping I stopped, nearly dropping my weapon.

It couldn't be safe here. The people in that city, whomever was making such monstrously loud noise... They had to be aggressive towards outsiders. Or am I just being a paranoid lass again? I shouldn't take the risk... And yet I am. Keeping low I continued, looking for any signs of life or an entrance to the area. "If there are any Gods... try not to get me killed, alright?" I said. My helm would mute the sound, as my speakers were off. It was a good thing to. Alerting someone to my presence could be deadly- especially when I don't know who these people were.

I really need to research the planets I go to more thoroughly.
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