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Vyral Saint'Clare

Vyral Saint'Clare

"I will protect my friend, and build his legacy for him. I owe him that much."

NAME: Vyral Saint'Clare.
Fel Empire.
RANK: Solider.
AGE: Twenty-six.
SEX: Male.
Six foot two.
WEIGHT: A hundred and forty pounds.
EYES: A dark brown, although it is surrounded by eye-popping veins, indicating he is on some sort of high. And he is most of the time, spice life yo.
HAIR: Afro, going back to the 60s style.
SKIN: Dark, black as night, he is abyss.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Fiercely loyal.
+ Dedicated.
+ Advanced gun training.
+ Advanced military training / Piloting training.
- Melee combat.
- Head strong.
- Brutally honest / rude.

Curly, dark, dark hair and facial hair that screams to be shaved. Many find his appearance to be quite intimidating as he stands 6 foot two. With an athletic and masculine build, it is clear that the solider keep fit by maintaining his personal workout routine and by eating healthy foods, although he is prone to eat the tasty nerf burger. Vyrel is normally one to wear (when not on the battlefield) a black suit, although its cheap it is still a rather classy sight. White button up shirt, black tie, leather shoes and white socks he simply looks like the average joe but in truth he is an elite shooter that has been protecting the Fel family since birth.

[Rough idea will update soon]
BIOGRAPHY: Vyrel Saint'Clare was born into a solider family, serving in the Corellia Defence force. It was but an honour for his mother and father when their eldest son enlisted when of age. His early childhood however was normal, he was cared for and loved and had many friends, one being Ronin Fel who he would eventually pledge allegiance too when he was asked. The saying getting on like a house on fire was quite true, Both Ronin and Vyrel would serve together in the Defence Force, being promoted to captain at the age of twenty-four he spent serving Corellia's army for eight years before leaving to help his closest friend reclaim his family honors.

[I'll actually fix this up when I can think of something but thats the just of his history]


N/A, uses Fel Empire ships.