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Approved Tech Vulkite Beam Cannon

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Intent: Iconic weapons for a unique vessel
Image Source: Not Applicable
Canon Link: Particle Beam | Beam Cannon | Incinerator-class Rail Gun
Restricted Missions: As Needed
Primary Source: Incinerator-class Particle Blaster

Manufacturer: The Resurgent Empire
Model: MK1
Affiliation: Darth Vulkan
Modularity: No
Production: Limited
  • Duraplast | Turadium
  • Particle Beam Cannon Components
Classification: Particle Beam Cannon
Size: Ship-Mounted
Length: 20 Meters
Weight: 200 Metric Tons
Ammunition Type: Particle Beams
Ammunition Capacity: Unlimited
Effective Range: Equivalent to Hypervelocity Cannons

  • Fires and Flames
  • Counts as 4 Hypervelocity Cannons
Detailed Special Features:
  • Fires and Flames: The particles the beam releases causes a burning fire effect in an area or on the target, causing persistent damage to hulls and shields for several seconds and capable of starting fires and infernos on ground targets.
  • Massive Firepower: The weapon fires with a great deal of force, comparable to Four Hypervelocity Cannons at once, firing a short three second beam before recycling for several seconds.
  • Persistent Burns: Upon impact with shields or an object, the plasma encased within the bolt is released, clinging to shields and objects and burning causing continuing damage and stress for several seconds before fizzling out.
  • Recycle Rate: Much like a Hypervelocity Cannon, after each large burst of power, there is a long pause before another beam can be fired.
  • Shield Modulation: Quick modulation of the shields, such as shuttering them (turning them off, then back on again) can remove the burning plasma.
The Vulkite Beam Cannon is a ship-mounted Particle Beam Cannon that fires a three second beam capable of traveling to long naval engagement ranges and striking with the force of a full battery of Hypervelocity Cannons. Like a standard Particle beam cannon it utilizes a sparsely packed, heavily energized series of particles ejected in a pale yellow bolt much like a normal turbolaser or proton beam cannon operates. The unstable particles however, react differently from standard laser weaponry in that they explode when they contact an energy field or solid object. This makes the weapon useful as it is an effective anti-ship and anti-installation weapon.

The main difference between a standard Particle Cannon and the Vulkite Beam Cannon is inspired by the ancient Incinerator-class Railgun and the Incinerator-class Particle Blaster. When the containment field explodes against a target, it releases the particles being held within the bolt, but rather than very rapidly dissipating into the atmosphere or vacuum of space, the particles of the Incinerator-class erupt in a small localized fire, clinging to its targets like napalm or other incendiary liquids, and burning for about ten or fifteen seconds in good conditions. This flames of burning plasma energy themselves don’t penetrate armor very well and isn't thermite levels of heat, but it does cling to energy fields causing small continuous damage to them. The flames are dangerous enough that they can melt holes into the hull of a starship and compromise a larger portion of its exterior plating. The splash is relatively small, not exactly turning whole ships into burning wreckages, but is large enough to cause significant problems.

It has a power setting allowing them to be fired in standard lethal format or in a non-lethal format. Rather than causing initial strike damage, it simply releases conflagration of particles on its targets to burn.
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