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Vulcan Starforge Inc.

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  • Primary Source: n/a
  • Corporation Name: Vulcan Starforge Inc
  • Headquarters: Korriban
  • Locations: Korriban
  • Operations: Ship, Vehicles and Droids
  • Tier: Tier 3 as per the capitalism mandate of TSE
Vulcan Starforge as a subsidiary of Vulcan Industries, is an expansion that allows for the making of more technological implements of war. They are overall concerned with building the best and most efficient killing tools in the galaxy. As of right now they are semi loyal to The Sith Order, but with a few notable exceptions will sell to almost anyone.
Using the support of the TSE Morgoth created this company as an expansion on the rising juggernaut that is Vulcan Industries. Vulcan Industries is trying to get to the point where they have their hands in every manufacturering process having to do with war. With this as the goal this subsidiary is the first step in that process. Vulcan Starforge has been created to start rolling out the newest line of ships droids and vehicles in the Vulcan Line up. Creating along the way a one stop shop for all your death and destruction needs.


Parent Corporation: