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Approved Tech VT-Assault Armor

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Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
  • Intent: To create a powerful Heavy Armor for close Quarters combat
  • Image Source: Amir Zand
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Quality: 8
VT-Bulwark - A shield projector capable of protecting against small arms fire and small explosions.
VT-FD Mask - A system capable of detecing force users and use of the force.
VT-Repulse Glove - A powerful close quarters weapon capable of sending out pulses of repulsor energy.
Jetpack - A device capable of allowing the wearer flight for a brief amount of time.
Knuckle Plate Knife - A blade hidden within the knuckle plate of the right gauntlet.
Vacuum Seal - This armor is sealed, meaning it has its own supply of oxygen and filters.
Portable Shield - A smaller energy shield built into a wrist mounted emitter.
Parachute - A tightly packed cloth utilized to slow ones decent in atmosphere.
Mag-Boots - Magnetic grip boots that allow one to stick to metal objects.


  • Heavy Armor: Quite simply put this armor was designed to take a beating. Multiple layers of protective gear are tacked onto this. The base layer of the armor is the impact resistant KIG, followed quickly by a layer of Asheran Armorweave and then plates of VT-Shark Skin. The armor can take quite a beating, standing up to everything from blaster bolts to Lightsabers. Tacked onto this is the VT-Bulwark shield giving the armor even more sustainability. The armor was designed for close quarters combat, capable of surviving through the worst of the worst.
  • Armor Gaps: In order to allow the wearer some moverability the armor has several gaps. Beneath the arms, the back of the knee, and specifically around the neck are vulnerable. In theory a sharp enough blade or lightsaber could pierce through the armor in these points.
  • Back Plate: When one peels away the jetpack and parachute located on the VT-Assault Armor one finds a vulnerable position. To save on weight and due to the design of the armor it was not feasible to have the same coverage of KIG and Shark Skin. This means the back plate of the armor is only a single layer of bodysuit and Asheran Armorweave, far more vulnerable than other parts of the armor. This also means that the Backplate is vulnerable to Electrical surges, the Asheran armorweave acting as a powerful conductor.
  • Fuel Pods: Located on the back of the armor tucked beneath the Jetpack and chute are two fuel pods. These two small cylinders hold and refresh the fuel for the jetpack. If these are struck with a blaster bolt or explosive round they would detonate. This explosion would do quite a bit of damage, might not be necessarily deadly.
Vanir Technologies has been developing armors ever since its inception.

Previously these armors were simple one offs, displays of technological ingenuity and shows of what could be. Vanir has not created an armor before that was simply designed to be armor. The VT-Assault Armor is the first time Vanir has actually attempted to do so.

The Assault Armor, as it's name might imply. Is a mixture of all the different Components Vanir has designed for its other armors. The AA contains fractions of nearly every famed exploit that Vanir has designed. Within this simple piece of equipment one can find Asheran Armorweave, KIG, Sharkskin, The Repulse Glove, and a host of other systems that Vanir has designed over the years.

This is all mixed together and then matched to create the perfect piece of armor.

The primary function of the Vanir Technologies Assault Armor is to serve as an extreme end of the spectrum. A soldier wearing Vanir's Assault Armor sits at the front lines. They fight at the head of the battle and stay there. The Armor provides an extreme amount of protection, it's external shield generator and multiple layers of Asheran Armorweave and Shark Skin giving it an extreme amount of sustainability.

The armor was created to serve boarding parties, urban combat, and other situations where a soldier is likely to face an extreme amount of damage and punishment.

Of course, due to the cumulative systems of the armor and it's nature the system is extremely expensive. Most military's within the galaxy would openly admit that such a system is simply too costly for the rank and file. Outfitting an entire platoon with this armor would equal the cost of of a small capital ship, and thus it is unlikely that the VT-Assault Armor will ever see use on a grand scale.

Despite this the Assault Armor is still one of the hardiest pieces of equipment currently on the market, designed to provide maximum protection for its wearers.
[member="Alric Kuhn"]

Please add the weakness of your materials. Like Asheran armor weaves: The only issue that has been found with this new armor is that electrical charges strike Asheran Armorweave with and extra oomph, since the entire suit is essentially just a massive conductor. Despite this massive weakness, the strengths of the armor were more than enough to put it into full production.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug

This weakness is countered by the KIG substance which is also in this armor. Hence why the sub has three other weaknesses.
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