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Vote for the next Faction Owner

Who do you want to be the next Faction Owner

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You have two options for the next Faction Owner.

Their statements are below. Voting will close in 48 hours:

Dalton Eldyr said:
I believe I can continue to add to the works Jacen and his predecessors began by collaborating with Alliance writers on where they would like the faction to go.

I believe I have the respect of the majority of Alliance writers, as well as the respect of those who write outside of the Alliance. I hope to continue to grow our collaboration with other factions for mutually beneficial growth and storytelling.
Arisa Yune said:
[member="Jacen Voidstalker"]


As far as theme and story direction goes for the GA, I think it's fine. I dig the whole underdog feel that's going on right now, and I'm actually pleased as a writer that the GA and FO are finally slugging it out. This titanic clash was definitely months and years in the making, well before my time, so it's exciting to see it all finally play out as a newer member to Chaos. I've had a good time participating in said slugging on both sides of the conflict as a writer.

Outside the core group of senior members, the GA is still in something a slump for activity. To fix that, my main objective as FO would be to help continue on the track of my predecessors of making the GA more inviting for both new and old writers alike, and work on improving inter-faction relations with our neighbors on the map on an OOC level with the help of my fellow GA members. Through these policies, I believe we would see a growth of membership and a nice uptick in activity within the faction among other groups as we build a rapport in the spirit of collaboration.

I have enacted similar policies during my current tenure as the SJO Faction Owner, and even within a short time, the turnabout has been nothing short of amazing. Afer having some problems as of late, we've seen a nice rise of activity from our newer members which I believe is crucial for the long-term survival of any faction. Even with me leaving the position of FO, I believe the SJO will remain on the right track with the changes I have enacted already, and as I continue to work closely with them as a regular member. I hope to see similar results if I am honored with the privilege of becoming the Faction Owner of the Galactic Alliance.
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