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Approved Species Vortek

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  • Name: Vortek
  • Designation: Humanoid
  • Homeworld: Vortusa
  • Language: Galactic Standard, Galactic Basic, Vortese
  • Average height of adults: Women are 4'0" to 5'5" Men are 5'9" to 6'7"
  • Skin color: Caucasian, Mocha Skinned.
  • Hair color: Typical color for Women is Blond while men usually Brown or Black.
  • Breathes: It breathes the usual atmosphere that humans breathe.

  • Strengths:
Powerful Mind: usually a Vortek is of a sound and very powerful mind, it is hard to infleunce a Vortek using the force, they are not immune to the force, just very resistant. It is also very hard to read the mind of a Vortek, due to their resistance one cannot simply latch onto a Vortek mind and read it, it takes a lot to do so.

Calm: A Vortek is very calm minded and his or her body language is usually very peaceful, but it can be altered to be aggressive if any emotions other than calming ones are influencing the reactions to the Vortek.

Speed/Quickness: Vortek are by birth and origin very fast, they have quicker than normal reflexes that are only faster when used with the force, their speed and quickness of their reflexes are lightening fast.


The Vortek are always and have been always ruled over by a Princess, they believe in a compassionate but solid rule is the best way to lead a race of people.

  • Weaknesses:

Control/Dominance: Due to the behavior and ability of the Vortek they are susceptible to coercion or minor influences, usually the women of Vortusa desire to be controlled or dominated while the men are very brutal when it comes to control, men don't like being controlled and have been known to beat their captors to death while the women of Vortusa consider giving up control to be highly intoxicating and pleasurable.

Mood swings: even thought Vortek are a normally calm people they do have fluid mood swings that can cause them to act very irrational and immature, they have been known to kill even their own parents during a "Black Out Rage" period, usually they wont forget about the person who caused them to black out or go into a rage and wont stop until the person is finally destroyed. The Vortek are known to hold onto grudges and hatred for those they believe have done them wrong.

Susceptible: The Vortek are very susceptible to diseases, moreso than other races...they have a low immune system that makes them ill for long periods of time and can cause them to suffer endlessly if they are ever to get sick for a prolonged time, their immune systems can ward off sickness but it takes longer than normal, even though they might no die from being sick they do suffer from it just the same.

Combat Effectiveness:
  • During combat/war the vortek will rise up fast and try to conquer their enemies using speed and strength, this could be used against them of the opposing forces has enough time to plan ahead.
The Vortek are dependant upon their ruler, their whole existence depends on the survival of their Princess so if one would to capture the princess the planet could fall.

  • Distinctions: Usual distinctions of the race for the women are their eyes are usually a grey or white in color while the men have Hazel or Blue in color.
  • their skin is also quite more defined and is seen through magnifiers as being very reptilian and scaley.
  • the women of the race is very athletic in attonement and are far more attractive and desirable than the women of most races.
  • The men of the race are very muscular and are never out of shape, they are not known to be an obese or large race of men other than muscular and fit.
  • Average Lifespan:
The Vortek have been known to live for around 150 years, due to their ancestry they can live no longer than 150 years in total.
  • Races: Vortek
  • Diet: the Vortek eat a lot of berries and fruits with a large diet of vegetables, they rarely eat meat products and see it as a taboo in their culture.
  • Communication: news network, The primary language of the Vortek is Vortese which is comprised of body movements, and emotions.

  • Culture:
The General culture of the Vortek is exotic parades and elegant carnivals, they pride themselves on their festivities and believe one way to throw a party is to put on a show, they will entertain in almost every fashion or manner for guests and residents alike.

  • Technology level: The technology is rather specific, as they only make technology that are ships, weapons, armor, vehicles, and medicine, they use the materials found on their world to design and produce the products and to create new medical applications.
  • Vortusa is very abundant in medical sources and sources for production of technology.
  • General behavior: The Vortek are a race that exhibit their language in emotional and movements, if they are stalking around then it means they are mad, if they appear to be overly silent it means they are uncomfortable in their environment. and if they are staring at apparently nothing then they are not wanting to be social.

  • History:
The Vortek are a race that started out when the taung crash landed on their world, the taung conquered their lands and planet and enslaved the original inhabitants of vortusa, due to mating with the original inhabitants the Vortek were born with two hearts, and without kidneys, they evolved later on as a culture and started to be able to have faster reflexes that were normally seen as being fast as lightening and were proven to be more durable due to their dense bone structure and stronger.

The Vortek decided to appoint a ruling princess two hundred years after the race was founded due to the progression of the species and elected a single Princess to the throne, sometime after this happened the Vortek ruled in favor of the Princess and made only one family to be the ruling family, this family would later come to be known as the Fontana's. While the family ruled the planet they would have workers that would mine for the ore and other materials to create medicine and different pieces of technology, they took great pride in their tech and would make certain artful decorations in the things they designed, it became a symbol of fine vortek craftsmanship if the thing they produces had certain designs in it.

The Vortek always knew their planet was one that was of many in the galaxy, thousand upon thousands in a huge galaxy, they just didn't have the technology yet to travel the galaxy, as they grew as a race others came to visit them, some remained on the planet while others left to seek help to aid the vortek in becoming a space travel capable race, it was a time of trial for them and as they progressed so did their abilities to roam the galaxy, yet as time progressed they also honed their skills as dangerous assassins, and warriors.
They made pacts with other worlds and came into the spot light but they were an unknown and nobody, not even the republic would touch them to allow them to be brought under their banner, the galactic empire used them only as an outside influence to produce new star ships but that is all they would allow, yet as time went on the world became very wealthy and the vortek flourished.

Recently the Vortek have been seen roaming the galaxy trying to find a place to fit in.

  • Notable Player-Characters: Isis Fontana (Princess) Caile Nemorra (Baroness) Kirill Bratan (Exiled-General) Trista Nemorra, Clara Foster.
  • Intent: To bring in a new species for role play, an alternative species that could be used for just about any purpose across the board.
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