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Voroll Astaar


noob empath



[SIZE=10pt]NAME:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Voroll Dey Astaar[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]FACTION: The Confederacy of Independent Systems[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]RANK: Templar Aspirant[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]SPECIES: Esselian human[/SIZE]
AGE:[SIZE=10pt] 21[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]SEX:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Male[/SIZE]
HEIGHT:[SIZE=10pt] 5'9[/SIZE]
WEIGHT:[SIZE=10pt] 9 Stone[/SIZE]
EYES:[SIZE=10pt] Blue[/SIZE]
HAIR:[SIZE=10pt] Dark brown[/SIZE]
SKIN:[SIZE=10pt] Fair[/SIZE]

+ Empath:
  • The ability to pick up and understand the states of mind of those around him has been used throughout his life, seemingly from birth. It is the only ability in the Force which Voroll both actively and passively uses. It has lead to him avoiding minor confrontations in younger life. When emotions are strong, and he is close enough, he has been able to not just understand, but to feel as others feel - to mirror their sense of self, both positive and negative, as if it were his own.

+ Blasterslinger:
  • Despite his previous occupation as an Imperial (Knight) Cadet, many weeks were spent with the Stormtroopers of the Fel Imperium and as such Voroll learned to hold, aim and fire an array of weaponry common for military personnel. The main areas of his 'expertise' were pistols and rifles. He still remains clumsy with his aim and muscle memory has let to prove entirely accurate.

- Untrained Force-use:
  • Due to his parents having rejected the offers of the Jedi Order to take Voroll into their custody and training at a young age, the rare and natural gift of being able to channel the Force has so far eluded him. He remains an untrained wielder of the Force, weak in most aspects aside from innate Empathy: even this has so far remained uncontrollable and has given him little advantages so far in his life.

[SIZE=10pt]- Ambivalent:[/SIZE]
  • Voroll has so far lead a life which is devoid of a path which most others would appear to be following. He follows the whims of the moment and the feelings of it instead of planning into the future. This leaves the young man in difficult places as loyalties often fluctuate easily and are swayed with little evidence.

- Detached:
  • Despite the innate ability to perceive the emotions of those around him, Voroll often has little to say to most people, leading to the impression of being withdrawn and reclusive. It may also be due to this personality trait that he finds himself unable to bond with a large majority of people on a personal level and thus leading him to a life of a loner, with few friends.



Typically Voroll wears loose-fitting t-shirts with khaki pants tucked into calf-high laced boots. Over the years he has developed his own taste in fashion and own 'style', borrowing from that of Calamar, Coruscant and even as far away as Ryloth. This confident attitude he holds an displays frequently in public often leads to many taking a near instant dislike to him.



Family life was relatively normal for Voroll; he had two parents (as one traditionally has) and an older brother, who tried his chances at success by moving to a different city on Esseles and eventually moving off-world, to a place Voroll has now-forgotten. They lived in a small suburb just outside the city limits of Calamar – the Capital – and lived peaceful lives with few problems, until a Jedi came knocking.
The oldest child had managed to avoid detection by the Jedi, who apparently regularly patrolled the Core Worlds, but parental fears always lingered on the youngest: Voroll. When the Rodian Jedi asked about the boy and requested that she take him to the nearest Jedi Temple for training, his parents refused. They did not want to see any of their children be trained from two years old to be emotionless monks who only served the interests of the Galactic Republic; to not remember his family and past, never visiting or even knowing who his parents were; to fight in dangerous battles all the sake of “the greater good.” They turned here away and vowed then to never tell the boy of his Force-sensitivity lest he fall into the hands of robed strangers.

They could not hide it forever, but they certainly tried. As his life progressed more and more occurrences displayed an incredibly intuitive sympathetic side; he could often tell his parents and other adults how they felt even before they actually knew. Of course they did not put this entirely down to the Force until it was mentioned at school, numerous times.
While he often managed to avoid conflict with other students, he was noted for being able to actually quell an argument or fight before it may have otherwise broke out.

As an older student he noticed that he would often feel as physically close peers felt, should they be feeling intense emotions such as anger and hate or fear. This extended for much of his life and it developed in him referring to himself as an emotional mirror. Much of his own feelings towards other people, however, were ambiguous and dull, if anything. Never once did he at all feel like he belonged to one group more than another and so flitted between cliques of students depending anything as simple as weather, time or even ease.

After leaving school Voroll found himself in the city more and more. He enjoyed the lights, the fast speeders, the heights and the feelings of intensely large crowds. They allowed him to feel when he had no need for emotion. They gave him energy when he had none and allowed him to seemingly bond with others. Like the cliques at school he flittered between jobs and moved from flat to apartment, from house to life on a space station, until such a time as he found an agent for the Order of Imperial Knights. His interest peaked when the agent approached him and asked him some odd questions regarding life and if he ever felt different from others.
Soon enough, after some interviews and fitness tests and blood samples the man without a path was headed through hyperspace to the very edges of the galaxy. While there he learnt of his Force-sensitivity, the technique called Empathy that he realised he had been using for most of his life. His life was on the move. But just as quickly as it moved, it halted. He found little pleasure in the work he had to do, orders from a single, all-ruling leader who was the apple of Imperial citizens’ eyes.

He felt like he could be more, he could do more and could learn more. So he resigned his post and duties before it was too late to do so. He took a plain lightsaber, typical of Imperial Knights, and left for what he had heard were called the Templars of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

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