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Vong Stuff to use in Subs


Vong telepathic being that uses gravity to communicate. Creates a hive mind among Dovin Basil equipped stuff to coordinate attacks. Could be found on Zonoma Sekot.

Shapper hand

Used to mold vong stuff.

Dovin Basil

Cool shit that warps gravity, used as propulsion or as a tractor beam, can be used to tear ships apart, especially if several lock on at once. Links to Yammosk.
Vonduun Crab Armor
Pretty dope stuff, consider altering, cyborgizing, and making into special armor for Ardgal.

Spits acid, acts like a whip and or a spear. Pretty dope.

A vong biot used to kill Jedi. Dope stuff, very deadly.

A biot able to do telepathy over infinite distance. Use for comms.

Used as a Navicomputer. Super smart.

Plasma cannon, Super dope, able to melt through hulls.

Starfighter. Dope stuff.

Breathing Apparatus, can be used indefinitely

Vong Buildings

Read up on this more before use.

Cognition throne
Vong version of a steering yoke. Uses a neural interface to control the stuff.

Yorik Coral
Primary Vong tech used to build stuff.

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