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Void Station Base

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[SIZE=11pt]Intent: To provide a palace fortress for Emperor Morcus[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]​Image Credit: How to properly source your images[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Canon: No[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Links: [Provide links to any relevant threads, characters, companies, locations, equipment, etc here.][/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Military Base Name: Void station Base[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Classification: Army Base[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Location: Void Station[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Affiliation: The Galactic Empire[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Population: 10,000 [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]Royal guards[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt], 2500 [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]Tanks[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt], 500 AT-AT’s, 2000 AT-ST’s, 500 TIE fighters[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Accessibility: It is easy to find, but well guarded and closed off from the public[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]The base takes up almost the entirety of Void station. It is littered with Turbo lasers and e-web emplacements line almost every choke point. The hangars into Void Station are filled with TIE fighters and incoming vessels are screened vehemently. Checkpoints dot every intersection and large durasteel bunkers have been erected at many of these checkpoints. Vantage points have been turned into sniper nest for the Imperial scouts. Training facilities lie closer to the center of the base for all royal guards to keep their skills at peak performance. Vehicle facilities lie in what few open spaces Void station offers. A shield generator encompasses the whole base.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11.5pt]Royal Guard barracks - This is where the Emperor’s personal guard are housed. There are many such buildings scattered throughout void station. Most are condensed around the hangar to swiftly deal with any intruder that may attempt to breach the confines of the base.[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] An armory lies around each of the barracks for the troops to quickly arm themselves.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Throne room - At the center of the base lies a massive throne room, complete with personal quarters, and an archive. This is where the Emperor himself resides. Beneath the emperor’s throne it is rumored lies a secret vault filled to the brim with ancient artifacts of unknown origin.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Checkpoints complete with Durasteel bunkers and [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]E-web[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] emplacements and [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]Scanners[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]ORL Scanner[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]SLD-26 planetary shield generator[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Turbolaser Emplacements[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]HVC 117’s[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]One small [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]composite beam laser[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] powered by five reactors[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Void Station Base was constructed to better accommodate the Emperor. The Empire spared no expense when creating the base. The base is purely to guard the Emperor. An indomitable fortress for his majesty which may never be conquered. It is relatively new, so it was not around for many of the events that have plagued the galaxy. [/SIZE]

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
[member="Desmond C'artyom"]

This is a complete overhaul of a moderately iconic canon location that a lot of people have enjoyed over the years. It's a bit like if someone tried to renovate Mos Eisley into a gleaming metropolis: it's not fair to others who want to RP there.

The numbers here (weapons, fighters) are gigantic and totally out of line with what Void Station could support. You've also strapped on a miniature Death Star laser and planetary shielding.

The massive fortifications and armaments don't line up with the existing station, so this would need its own Factory sub, and I can basically guarantee it would never get through the Factory.

Totally impregnable fortresses aren't something we allow. Everything about this sub seems designed to ensure that nobody can RP in this radically altered canon location.

Apologies, but for all of the above reasons, this submission is denied.

Zeradias Mant

Democracy Dies in Darkness
[member="Desmond C'artyom"]

I am not unwilling to allow for the construction of a military base on Void Station, but it will require many significant edits and will not even closely resemble your original submission. If this is not feasible for you, this submission will be denied. See below for the required changes:

  • Void Station is essentially a palace fortress in and of itself. As it stands, you intend to completely overhaul the entire space station. If that remains your intent, this submission will be denied.
  • For fields that are not applicable, please put 'N/A'.
  • Reduce your population to accommodate for 250 personnel maximum. This can be any combination of troops.
  • Given the size of the asteroid the palace is on, I will permit a maximum of two tanks and one AT-ST.
  • Reduce your squadron count to two, or 24 TIE fighters.
  • In your description, please describe the location of this small base. Is it attached to the palace, or is it on the opposite side of the asteroid out of the way of the palace? You may continue to describe the function of the troops that might operate in the palace, but I will still require a physical description of the base itself.
  • The throne room likely has little function here, though you may keep it if you so desire.
  • You reference a hangar, however it is not outlined here. I would recommend adding it.
  • Please substitute the SLD-26 planetary shield generator for another. I'm not totally opposed to one being used for the entirety of Void Station, however, I'd like for it to be smaller and more logistically compatible with the base and space station as a whole.
  • Remove the composite beam laser. Death Star weaponry, even at a reduced size, will not pass here.
  • Please put a number on how many emplacements there are, regardless of what variety they are, as there is a very finite amount of space to work with. Do keep in mind that these emplacements are limited to the base, rather than Void Station as a whole.
  • Add two paragraphs at a minimum. You may cite the reason for the construction, who ordered it, the IC intent behind it's creation, any obstacles that occurred, as well as any other information you find pertinent to the history of this base.

Zeradias Mant

Democracy Dies in Darkness
[member="Desmond C'artyom"]

It has been four days with no response. Please make the necessary updates to this submission within the next 24 hours or it will be returned to the archives.
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