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Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Intent: As a weapon of propaganda and investigative journalism
Development Thread: No

Manufacturer: Great Leap Forward, Inc., in association with Archangel
Model: VLK virus
Affiliation: Independent
Modularity: Can be adapted to transmit five seconds of the lead dancer from 'Cafarel Cabaret.' Otherwise, no.
Production: Unique
Material: Digital/crystalline resonance virus
Description: The virus is designed to seek out holographic communications equipment (such as the imagecasters used by many Jedi), and embed information inside holographic transmissions. Though visible, the additional information is only detectable in the infrared, where it looks like low levels of static. It is important to realize that one holoprojector cannot infect another holoprojector or holocamera with this virus, as the information contained in the holographic noise accounts for only a portion of the data of the full virus. Holographic equipment cannot, by default, ‘get infected’ by exposure to the holographic noise. Transmission of the virus functions in exactly the same way as any computer virus.

The virus has no harmful effects whatsoever. It does nothing except add infrared noise to each projection. The noise contains a compressed, low-resolution holographic transmission, coded in an analog pattern which has little relevance to hologram technology. The pattern is archaic, bearing strong resemblance to crystalline resonance harmonics. It is designed to be recognized at a sub-’conscious’ level by the visual matrices of holocrons, which employ hologram technologyhttp://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Holocron. Only an absolute expert in holocron technology could have created this, in cooperation with excellent slicers.

A holocron need only be present for five seconds of any hologram transmission in order to receive the full file. When a portion of the compressed infrared pattern is recognized by the visual matrix of a holocron, it uses the same processes that allow a skilled practitioner to add a low-level gatekeeper to a holocron. This would be comparable to, for example, a Jedi Master routinely adding a sensitive mission reporthttp://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Great_Holocron to a holocron of which he was not previously a gatekeeper. This process does not override, take control of, wipe, or damage the infected holocron. The transmission, though compressed, is far too small to do anything more than add the image of a new gatekeeper, minus a personality.

When infected, a holocron will - on random, infrequent occasions -- display twenty seconds of security holocam footage recovered from the Unreal City on Metalorn by a stormtrooper called Shank. This footage depicts the Jedi Master Matsu Ike creating an earthquake and tornado to kill the drugged occupants of the major Sith-held prison. The footage shows several dozen deaths of civilians and POWs. It then shows twenty seconds of MSE-007’s aerial camera footage from Ahto City, depicting the Jedi Master Matsu Ike striking the city with a Force-based storm. It then, for ten seconds, shows a third of Ahto City breaking off into the ocean in order to drown a Sith army. It then, for five seconds, depicts the full civilian death tolls of the Unreal City and Ahto City engagements (both well into the thousands). All of this is at low resolution, allowing the entire minute of footage to be received in seconds of compressed transmission.
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