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Name: Vizio
Weight: 125
Height: 5'10"
Eyes: Dark Blue with Grey
Hair: Blue
Faction: None
Planet: Coruscant
Rank:political Speaker/ Accountant
Bio: Vizio grew up on Coruscant all his life, he wasn't a fighter like the major names in the galaxy, but instead the wise guy. He attended law school, and rose fast as a Political Accountant for the Chancellor. His goal is to rise above the desk job of a accountant, and become a Senator by grabbing the attention of the man he accountants for. He has no real experience outside Coruscant, but isn't afraid to get his toes wet.
Equipment: A small hold out blaster
Ship: (Starwind class yatch) The Independece

Pleasureless: Vizio is a no nonsense guy, and doesn't enjoy the little things in life.
Small and Timid: Vizio isn't a fighter, he has never been in a real fight in his life.

Sources: Vizio can pull up information in any form needed, on anyone targeted.
Hardworker: Vizio spends hours working all day and all night to get the job done.

Commander Lusk

OBJECTION!!! *points finger*