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Factory Denied Viridian Golem 1: Berserker

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  • Intent: To create the first of Viridian's Golems.
  • Image Source: 1 2 3
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: Viridian Viridian
  • Affiliation: Viridian Viridian
  • Model: E100 Golem
  • Production: Semi Unique (30)
  • Modularity: N/A
  • Material: Stone, Force Energy. Circuitry and components.
  • Classification: Fourth Degree
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Height: Average
  • Movement: Bipedal
  • Armaments: Stone Swords / Axes. Whatever is at hand.
  • Misc. Equipment: Stone Axe, Stone Sword, Stone Spear, Stone Mace, Stone Hammer.
  • Resistances
    • Energy: High
    • Kinetic: Low
    • Lightsabers: Average
    • Other: EMP/Ion: Low
  • Can Think: These essentially have the Biot Equivalent to a Droid Brain. They can follow basic orders initially, but that is about it.

  • Great Strength: They have great amounts of physical strength that they can use to crush things, or to throw punches.
  • High Durability: They have a great amount of durability.

  • Force Nullification: When exposed to Force Nullification be it from Ylasmari, Void Stone, or the like, Novierite would crumble to dust and become unable to be reconstituted in any fashion. This also includes anything made from the material.
  • It's Hammer Time: Smashing things made out of Novierite with a hammer (a big one) would be an effective way to break through them.
  • Going Under Water: This material is too heavy to go underwater, or in water period without Anti Gravity Tech.
  • Reshaping: Reshaping the material into a different form is impossible - new samples must be used.
  • Sonic Weapons: Sonic Weapons could be utilized against the material, and it would render it unstable.
  • Vibro Weapons: Vibro Weapons would be effective against the Golems.
  • Requires Recharging: To recharge the Force Abilities they can use, these must be refilled with Force Energy.
  • They are not made for precision work: Due to their great size, and large bodies, they are not made for subtle things.
  • Their Heads: Their heads are one of their weak points.
  • Their chest: The power supply for the Repulsor / Magnet Beam is inside there.

Novierite was used in the creation of the Golems classified as the “Berserkers” by Viridian. These were modeled by him after battle droids. A sort of “organic equivalent” to the electronics that normally were put into battle droids was used as the interior composition of the droids. Force Crystals were put into the Berserkers that act as their power supply. While he didn't like metal, Viridian did include some technology inside the Berserkers that was used by a droid in the past, namely a Pressor and a Repulsor Beam so that it could simulate the power of "Force Push" and "Force Pull." A dedicated power supply was put into the Golem to power that, and that alone.
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Krass Wyms

Jedi Tech Division
Factory Judge
Viridian Viridian

Alright to start off.

Production: Mass Produced
Generally speaking the more powerful the submission becomes, the less of them there should be. The production range of a submission with alchemy or nanotechnology ranges between Unique and Minor. Please use the history and other parts of the submission to flesh out its power and potency. A Factory Judge is allowed to ask for more depth, if they believe that the submission needs a little bit more work to it.
These cannot be mass produced. For their purpose and power I would only allow them an acceptable production level of semi-unique.

Market Status: (Closed-Market (Any character can use this if they have explicit permission through, for example, a marketplace purchase), Open-Market (May be used by any character without permission from the Manufacturer))
This will have to be included in the template.

You are currently 2 points over in terms of balanced.

Stabbing / Slashing Immunity: Due to the stone bodies they possess, they are immune to Slashing, Stabbing, and the like.
Immunity is not something easily obtained eveninthe factory. THeir bodies can be stone but a saber can pierce stone, there are weapons made to handle living rock beings even Vor'cha stun sticks whihc were able to knock them unconscious.

Energy Blasts: They can morph their arms into "cannons" that can shoot blasts of Force Energy that can either have a stun setting or a kill setting.
Please explain how they are A: shape shifting rock and B: how much energy they would have to use and what effect it has on them since it is likely their own energy.

Expertise with Weapons: They are programmed to be able to use most weapons, easily.
If they are only stone and force energy what is being programmed?

  • They can shoot crystals that can explode, or be used to grow crystals to trap people out of the "cannons" their arms can turn into.
  • They can use: Force Push, Pull, Force Choke, Pyrokinesis, Force Lightning, and Shockwave.
  • They can spew Lava out of their mouths, as well.
Where does the lava come from?
Where has their training come from to use these skills?
How quickly can they grow the crystal?

Blunt Force
So punching them beats them even though they are stone?

This is confusing in areas, a force golem like this almost resembles a Stone guardian in ways except you also want to make them move around as a combat model. Which makes them mini Ardana Shadex. Then on top of their they are sentient enough to use the force, shapeshift their stone bodies and appear to have an infinite reserve of energy that they can throw around. There is a lot that will need to be expanded on here in the description to explain how they do all of these things.

Krass Wyms

Jedi Tech Division
Factory Judge
Viridian Viridian

Alright now for round 2

Other: EMP/Ion: Not Applicable.
this will need a proper rating.

Can use limited Force Powers: They can use limited Force Powers. (Force Push, Force Pull, Force Choke, Force Lightning, Force Shockwave.)
As requested earlier

Where has their training come from to use these skills?
Arm Cannon: They can shapeshift their arms into "Cannons" that discharge Force Energy. It can be done once every 5 posts.
If they discharge the force energy how does it affect them? They require it to function yes? How do they replensih it?

'Learning': The Golems can 'learn' when someone uses the same attack over and over again at them, learning how to handle said Force Power being used against them.
So how smart are they initially?

Novierite was used by Viridian in order to create a sort of "Organic Droid" that he could utilize without his allergies happening to bother him in the slightest. These golems were made by Viridian as a replacement for organic battle droids. This particular golem series was made to replace Battle Droids and to handle things that require combat.
He made organic droids to replace organic droids?
There is next to nothing here, he has essentially created a formoflife even if it is rudimentry at best but it is able to learn and can feel/use the force whihc connects it with the universe itself..... and there is nothing explaining how itcameto be that way. How this organic droid functions just "his allergies" I recommend taking a step back and focusing, instead of spamming and trying to getthings that are halfway finished (you didh't complete all requested edits) look at and try to give detail.
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