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Approved Tech "Viper's Bite"

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Amanda Hass

Dividers created by:Alden Akaran

Intent: Create a personal dagger for Tess Valnora
Image Source: Outer Worlds Game (Screenshot)
Canon Link: Daggers
Primary Source: Outer Worlds Wiki

Manufacturer: Valnora Enterprise, Tess Valnora
Affiliation: Tess Valnora
Model: N/A
Modularity: Yes
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel, cloth cord

Classification: Dagger
Size: Small
Weight: Light

Injection Groove – The spine of the dagger has a semi-open channel that can hold liquid that will be dispensed once it
comes in contact with absorbing material (i.e. skin, cloth)
Always Ready – The sheath is specially designed to fill the groove in the blade with poison upon drawing it.
Leg sheath – The sheath is designed to not cause any discomfort or bulky feeling while strapped to the leg.
Magnetic Lock – The sheath is designed to keep the blade from accidentally falling out and causing the user harm.
The dagger can only be removed by pushing the dagger into the sheath, which will momentarily disengage the
electromagnet, then quickly pulling it out. The electromagnet can be affected by EMP.

+ Well-balanced – The dagger was made with precise calculations.
+ My Blade – The blade is locked in the sheath, keeping someone who doesn’t know about the lock from using the weapon
against the user.

- Limited Supply – the blade must be re-sheathed after each “injection” to refill the injection groove.
- Durasteel – The blade cannot withstand a lightsaber or other plasma-style blades.

Wanting to add to her silent arsenal Tess got with some of the top weaponsmiths and engineers in her brother’s company
Valnora Enterprise. The end result was a single-edged dagger, blade length about 7 inches, with a cord-wrapped handle.
A grove makes its way along the spine from tip to hilt where toxins could be stored for injecting into the victim. The blade
must be inserted into the target for the toxin to be “injected”.

The sheath of the dagger was specially crafted to load a specialized vial of various toxins or poisons for the blade to use,
each vial can hold enough toxin for about ten refills before having to be changed out.
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