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Approved Tech Viper-NIC Darts

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Intent: To sub a new type of munition for future submissions and role-playing.
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Manufacturer: Visanj T’shkali
Affiliation: Closed-Market
Model: Viper-NIC Darts
Modularity: No
Material(s): Durasteel-bonded casing, mono-molecular point, coagulant treated, gyro-stabilized, Needler IC, internal dispersion components.

Classification: Ammunition
Size: Very Small
Weight: Very Light
Ammunition Type: Dart
Ammunition Capacity: Varies by launcher, usually 3-9.
Reload Speed: Very Slow
Effective Range: Personal (for armor penetration) / Average (for general use, up to 30m)
Rate of Fire: High
Stopping Power: Low
Recoil: None

  • Small dart is difficult to see in flight, due to its size and high rate of speed, making it exceptionally difficult to block, deflect, or dodge, even for Force-Users.
  • Gyro-stabilized flight allows precision targeting and accuracy above that of most conventional dart designs.
  • Specifically designed to carry “Needler IC” to deliver a potent non-lethal effect against opponents; provides two delivery options, direct injection and vapor dispersion.
  • Capable of disrupting an opponent’s connection to the Force, and causing other severe symptoms leading to unconsciousness and temporary paralysis.
  • Provides excellent non-lethal capabilities, both disrupting victims’ connection to the Force and causing some nasty effects and unconsciousness without actually leaving lasting injury.
  • Difficult to dodge, deflect, or parry, the small darts deliver their payload either through direct injection, which is treated for coagulation to allow maximum effect, or by dispersing a small cloud of it, absorbed through the skin.
  • Due to their design, the darts can be delivered with precision accuracy against their targets with a little practice in using them.
  • Short-range only weapons are useless beyond 30m, requiring users to get in close and place themselves at risk of a victim’s rebuttal.
  • Darts are not easily reloaded, requiring time and care to be loaded properly for optimal performance, making them difficult – if not impossible – to reload mid-combat.
  • Darts are not powerful enough to bring down large, tough-skinned species like rancors or terentateks, and may have reduced effect against well-armored or exceptionally fit targets. Most penetration is possible only at personal range for all but normal clothing barriers.
  • Darts, due to the size of canisters, are usually limited to 3-9 per launcher, most often somewhere in between with about six, meaning that these can be exhausted pretty quickly if not used sparingly in a fight.
  • Vapor dispersion is not always effective, and a suitable masked, armored, or otherwise prepared target may avoid some or all of the effects. Likewise, environmental conditions can affect this form of delivery as well, with a strong breeze, etc. causing the cloud to dissipate before full effects are likely to set in.
Using highly-concentrated amounts of Needler IC, the darts are potent non-lethal weapons able to sever a victim’s connection to the Force and cause serious symptoms such as nausea, disorientation, impaired vision and hearing, mild pain, paralysis, and eventually unconsciousness in those it targets. Able to deliver the substance either through direct injection (by far the most potent form of delivery) or through concentrated vapor clouds with reduced effectiveness, the darts offer a strong means of non-lethal defense and capability against an opponent. Their small size and high rates of fire, coupled with their ability to penetrate medium armor at personal range, provides a solid means of incapacitating an enemy during close-quarters combat, and make deflection, dodging, or parrying them highly unlikely, even for Force Users.
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