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Vindicator II-type, Support Carrier

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Fiolette Fortan




  • Manufacturer: Primo Victorian Shipwright

  • Model: VCL-CCII “Vindicator II”

  • Affiliation: Primo Victorian Shipwright | Closed-Market [Contract Thread Required]

  • Production: Limited

  • Material:
    Alusteel Reinforced Durasteel Hulll
  • Ablative Quadanium Reinforced Hull Plating
  • Glasteel Viewports w/ Turadium Blast Shutters
  • Tunqstoid Blast Door


Defenses: High

Reinforced Hull

Retractable Barricades [Interior, Emergency Only]

Retractable Autolasers [Interior, Emergency Only]

Hangar: 7 Squadrons [Very High]

Maneuverability Rating: Very Low

Speed Rating: Low

Hyperdrive Class: 1


  • Navigational Suite

  • Sensor Suite

  • Communication Suite

  • Tactical, Computer Analysis Suite

  • Defensive Suite

  • Tractor / Pressor Beam

  • Life Support

  • Damage Control Systems

  • Electronic Countermeasure Systems

  • Targeting Systems

  • Flight Control and Hangar Response Systems

Advanced Weapon Systems;

  • Vulcan Cannons - A long range weapon that reloads fast and hits with a deadly accuracy. Drawbacks of the cannon include the inability to hit attack craft, or attack at close range given its prime ability to hit at range ships engaging in standard to close range will find the accuracy of the weapon decreases. Additionally it is prone to overheat, and does require a cooldown period.
Advanced Defensive Systems;

  • Dual Layered Shields - Equipped with a dual layered shield system that includes a retribution feedback shield and a standard deflector shield the Vindicator II is ready to roll. The inclusion of the retribution shield gives the ship the ability to withstand a little more damage for a longer period of time.

  • Brel Light Shield - While the Brel enables the Vindicator II to lower its shields and fire her Vulcan guns without near the same amount of exposure as simply lowering all of her shields. The Brel can be overwhelmed quickly by traditional turbolaser fire and is recommended only when the Vindicator is at long range.

  • Nimbus Point Defense - Designed to create a veritable cloud of point laser fire to intercept missiles and starfighter alike. A six barrel design to give the Vindicator the ability to create its own defensive screens.

  • Defense: With at least three shields to her name and a high number of Nimbus Point Defense Systems, the Vindicator is more than capable of holding her own in a fight.

  • Range: Her main guns are the Vulcans which in a long range firefight lend themselves to giving the Vindicator a way to counter enemy fire.

  • Turn Rate: With a low turn rate the Vindicator leaves herself open for faster corvettes and frigates to take advantage of the blind spots.

  • Ion/Emp: As with the majority of warships the Vindicator is vulnerable to Ion/EMP weapons.

  • Range: With the Vulcans as her main guns, they fall short of being able to hit when engaged in standard to close combat range.
The Vindicator had been a workhorse of the old First Order fleets. Fiolette often went back to look at the old plans and finally found a method in which to revitalize the old girl. Taking old Vulcan hypervelocity cannons and pairing them up with turbolaser batteries and flak cannons to reinforce her position as a support carrier.

Her primary role of support carrier sees the Vindicator with eight squadrons of various fighters, bombers or interceptors. Her job then is to support herself until they return, she is to be deployed in smaller task groups and convoys. When deployed in such groups she is the centerpiece, in larger groups she and her squadrons play the role of support carrier. The Vindicator is to be escorted at all times do to her inability to engage in standard range combat coupled with her low turn radius. It leaves for a vulnerable carrier most especially when her squadrons are already engaged across the battlefield.

The Vindicator’s defenses includes a dual layered shield comprised of a dual layered retribution and deflector shield. A Brel light shield was added enabling the Vindicator to fire her vulcan cannons while at long range and is not recommended for standard to close range combat. Several nimbus point defense systems were installed on the Vindicator as well giving her the ability to create her own defensive screens against starfighters and missiles alike. While maintenance intensive, the benefits seem to outweigh the costs.
Fiolette Yvarro said:
Defense: With at least three shields to her name and a high number of Nimbus Point Defense Systems, the Vindicator is more than capable of holding her own in a fight.

Fiolette Yvarro said:
Defenses: Average
Everything you have in your defenses, and this strength and the advanced system description, don't seem to refer to something with average defenses. I'm seeing high/very high here.

That aside, it looks like you're 3 ratings over with the extreme hangar rating with the ratings you currently have.
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