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Approved Tech Vinculum Series Communication Rings

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  • Intent: To create a form of communication between Mentor/student, or higher ranked officials.
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  • Name: Vinculum Series Communication Rings - Vinculum Is Latin for "Bond"
  • Manufacturer: Atheus/CerberusEnterprise, Darth Abyss/Black Flag
  • Affiliation: Factions aligned with Atheus and/or Darth Abyss, Or private customers
  • Modularity: Sizes, Ring designs
  • Production: Semi-unique, Made to order
  • Material: Generally Durasteel. Can be made out of Platinum, Titanium, or Electrum. Force Crystal impregnated into the metal via Alchemy.
  • Classification: Artifact/Amulet/Ring
  • Size: Handheld,
  • Length: Varies, Around a few cm
  • Width: Varies, Around a few cm
  • Height: Varies, around a few cm
  • Weight: Various, around a few grams
  • No real contents, But artifact provides a connection to other rings of the series it was connected to.
Through the use of Sith Alchemy, The ring has a Force Bond with other rings of its same design. Allowing for almost instant Telepathic communication between the wearers of the rings. By using the force bond effect, telepathy is very much usable, or speaking out loud to the ring.

  • Allows the wearers almost instant Projective and Receptive Telepathic communication between one another.
  • Encrypted by the force as no "Mind" is using the force per say, but the Rings are connected to one another. Effectively allowing no interferences from the force such as Mind Reading, or manipulation.
  • Rings are smaller, and much easier to keep with you than a weapon, large amulet or otherwise cumbersome gear.
  • Create Via Sith alchemy makes a rather normal ring nigh indestructible.
  • Non Force users can use it as the rings are connected to the force, and not the person themselves. Force user who use it will have a much easier time connecting to the other ring, and can even aid in the connection to span, theoretically, across the entire Galaxy.

Weaknesses :
  • Force nullification fields prohibit the use of telepathy. However, due to the connection, the wearer will feel an "Absence" through the ring. Acting like a notification system that the ring no longer has a connection.
  • Dark Sided artifact. Can cause corruption, and even more so when connected to a darker individual.
  • Non Force users can use it, but will find it more difficult to use since they are not connected to the force itself. As the person can't really use telepathy, their thoughts would show up like static communication. Gargled but clear enough to be heard, and understood.
  • Due to the force bond, If one wants to create a connection across larger distances, they must focus upon the ring with the force. Requiring constant feeding of energy to keep the signal alive.
  • Dark sided artifact. Force like can destroy it like any other Dark sided creation.
  • Beings who are resistant to mental abilities such as Epicanthix, and Hellyni cannot use the ring as they cannot use telepathy themselves. If they were to try and use the ring, the Ring would act like as though it were in a nullification field. Gone into a "void."

The creation of a ring that can allow wearers to have near instant Telepathic communication between one another. Created by the efforts of Atheus, and Darth Abyss, the two came to the conclusion that having a better contacting system than Holoprojector using massive amounts of energy on a system, and can be sliced into, or be bugged in some form, decided to create a new form of contact.

Taking the idea of a Force Bond, an ability that created a permanent connection from person to person, only have it affect a series of rings. These rings are created using various metals per the discretion of the customer. The metal is then impregnated with force crystals to create a catalyst to the force. Holding the Force bond within the ring.

These rings can connect to one another via the force. Because of the connection to the rings, and thus they have no "mind" to control, in order to be in on the conversation, one must have contact, or be wearing the ring. It can also be used to connect to others across the Galaxy, but requires a constant feed from the wearer when force sensitive. They act much like the Telepathy force power. Able to transmit thoughts, message, words, or any form of mental communication.

A minor force artifact that aids in communication, and allows for both Atheus, and Abyss to grow company, and individually with their skills, and influence in the galaxy as well. In order to own one of these, one must be within contact of either of them, or their companies.
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