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Vincent Sharp

Vincent Sharp


NAME: Vincent Allen Sharp

FACTION: Galactic Alliance

RANK: Field Operative


AGE: 32

SEX: Males

HEIGHT: 5'9"

WEIGHT: 195 lbs

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Dark Brown

SKIN: White




Highly Trained: Vincent has trained for years with the full financial backing of the Galactic Alliance, he is an expert in rapid taketown focused CQC combat, be it with pistols, blades, or hand to hand.

Covert: Despite his considerable combat training, Vincent's greatest assets are shown when not engaging the enemy. Subterfuge is a far more useful tool in his line of work, and he is greatly skilled in deception, persuasion, lock picking, and stealth.

Support Network: Across the galaxy, Vincent has access to the full support of the GA via the access to safehouses, dead drops, and informant leads.


Lightly Armed: Vincent aims to avoid open combat as much as possible, and as such carries no weapon that can not be easily hidden. Often times this leaves him with nothing larger than a pistol, if equipped with a gun at all.

Lightly Armored: The need to be covert affords Vincent with very little ability to wear armor, typically being a light armorweave vest, if anything at all.

Vincent's personal appearance tends toward long-ish hair with a short beard, identifiable features that can be shaved off if needed. He typically wears a simple black suit, cut to give the appearance of being somewhat wealthy, but not extravagantly so, to not draw attention to himself.


Disguised stealth field generator belt, capable of 15 seconds of effect before needing to recharge.

Twin under-wrist mounted hidden blades.

Twin over-wrist mounted flash pellet launchers.

17 Round Small Caliber Projectile Pistol

Small Dagger

Armorweave Vest

BIOGRAPHY: -wip, helping someone who got stranded without a partner.-


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