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Vilox Pazela.

Darth Vazela

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NAME: Vilox Pazela.
FACTION: The Sith Empire, The Order of Black Hand.
RANK: Dark Jedi Master (formerly a Sith Master).
AGE: Sixty four.
HEIGHT: 6''3.
WEIGHT: 16 stones.
EYES: Yellow, predatory eyes.
HAIR: Thick, grey hair.
SKIN: Degraded, chalk white skin

STRENGTHS (+) AND WEAKNESSES (-) (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

(+) Manipulator: Vilox Pazela is a masterful manipulator, with the ability to twist and change the minds of his intended target through the sheer use of his mouth.
(+) Knowledge: Vilox Pazela has a deep sense of knowledge and wisdom that comes from years of experience. This ranges from any given situation, ranging from training to command, as well as his knowledge on the dark side of the Force.
(+) Sith Magic: Vilox Pazela has a wide array of spells and sorcery at his disposal, having spent the majority of his adult life studying it and the dark side of the Force.
(+) Sith Alchemy: With his study of the dark side came the science of Sith Alchemy. Vilox Pazela has deep knowledge on this particular skill.
(+) Infiltration: Despite being a Dark Jedi Master, to the Lords of the Sith, he is one of them and subsequently thought to be a Sith Master. This is a key strength of Vilox Pazela, who has the ability to infiltrate and match himself to his given situation and consequences.
(-) Poor Duelist: Whilst he has an understanding of Lightsaber techniques, being a practitioner of Ataru himself, he is a poor Lightsaber user in comparison to others. This is due to his age and vitality, as well as his concentration on studying the dark side, rather than a Lightsaber.
(-) Poor Constitution: Vilox Pazela is at the end years of his life. With his knowledge in the dark side, he has subsequently degraded physically. He has to compensate for his physical attributes through the force, which can be a weakness in itself.
(+/-) The Shadows: Vilox Pazela is keen in remaining unnoticed and unknown, sticking to the shadows rather than outwardly targeting his intended targets outright. This in itself is a strength and weakness, as on one hand if he is unseen, then he cannot be challenged. On the other hand, his reliance in remaining unknown and unnoticed leaves him at a disadvantage, as you can only remain hidden for so long.

The Obscurity - The only Attrition-class Star Destroyer in the galaxy, the Obscurity serves the Sith Empire, yet has been the flagship of the Dark Jedi Master since it's conception in the Mon Calamari shipyards several years ago. Vilox Pazela perceives the Obscurity as his and his alone; and will stop at nothing to ensure that it remains his, whether he is apart of the Sith Empire or not.

Darth Vazela, born Vilox Pazela, was a Dark Lord of the Sith born in the Almania system on Pydyr in 771 ABY. Born in the Pydyrian capital Corocus, Vilox Pazela was recruited into the Sith Order, to train as a Sith Warrior in the Grand Sith Temple on Korriban, as the Sith sought to replenish their ranks and subsequently rebuild their Empire as the Gulag virus began to dissipate and finally fade away. At the Grand Sith Academy, the young fledgling Sith Apprentice studied under the guidance of his Sith tutors and instructors, while spending a lot of his time in the Sith archives located in the Grand Sith Temple. On Korriban, he learned and mastered the Lightsaber technique Ataru, whilst honing his prowess in the force as he sunk deeper and deeper into the dark side of the force.

At the age of twenty four, he believed to of slayed his Sith Master, Darth Ayra and took the mantle for himself after he apparent defeat. After his 'slayed' his master, he entered a self imposed exile from known Sith space to discover more about the dark side of the Force. Traveling across Korriban primarily, he would then disappear for four decades to hone his skills.

He ended his self imposed four decade long exile in 835 ABY and returned to Korriban, where the new Sith Empire was ruled by the Shadow Emperor, Darth Voracitos. Upon his return, he set up a meeting with the Emperor, with the intentions of negotiating his way onto the Dark Council that ruled at this time. The meeting was cut short however and the long lost Sith Lord settled for an encounter with Sith Knights Lucien Cordel, Shinjū Aÿasha and Dranok Lussk, where he attacked and subjugated them with a Suppress Thought. After subduing the Sith Knights, he took the equally unconscious Kära Vi'dreya with him back into the Grand Sith Temple. When the Umbaran girl awoke, the Sith Master anointed her as his Sith Apprentice on the whim that she had a glance that he liked.

He traveled with his new Sith Apprentice to the Dac system and upon his arrival in the Mon Calamari shipyards he ordered the construction of the Attrition-class Star Destroyer, the Obscurity, from which the Mon Calamari designed for him. In the three months that it took for the Obscurity to be manufactured, Sith Master and Sith Apprentice trained together to hone the latter's talents with a Lightsaber and the dark side of the force. During this time, Darth Vazela was called to action when the Mandalorian Empire led by Mand'alor Mia Monroe led an Mandalorian attack group to the Dac system to destroy the Mon Calamari shipyards. Seeking to protect the unfinished Obscurity and the shipyards from destruction, Darth Vazela took command of the Pellaeon II-class Star Destroyer Carnifex and led a counter attack with other notable Sith including Tyrin Ardik and Dranok Lussk that forced Mia Monroe and her forces into retreat. Soon after the Mandalorians retreated, he participated in the annexation of Aeten II, where he set up a prefabricated base and garrison of Imperial Stormtroopers under his command, as part of his meticulous preparations for the Obscurity.

Upon his return to the Dac system, the Obscurity finished construction. As the Sith Lord was ready to depart and set the new Star Destroyer's first course to Aeten II to collect it's stygium crystal deposits, he learned that his Sith Apprentice, Kära Vi'dreya, had been last sighted on a Lambda-class transport shuttle headed to the Elom system. Seeking to find out the whereabouts and reasoning behind her disappearance, the Sith Master met with the Lord of Elom and Sith Knight, Lucien Cordel, to discover what happened to Kära Vi'dreya. Unknowingly, the Sith Knight had been busy, trying to discover who it was who had attacked him, Shinjū Aÿasha and Dranok Lussk. When the Lambda-class transport Kära had sneaked away on crash landed on Elom, the Umbaran ended up in the clutches of Lucien and later, Shinjū, who subsequently tortured her for information. It was here that they discovered that Darth Vazela was behind the attack and their missing memories due to the Suppress Thought he had utilized on them.




ROLE-PLAYS: - This is the character that I am transferring from. Intswrp is a community that comes from the chatroom Habbo hotel, and engages in real time roleplay between characters, from which mine originates from the client. However, it has forum roleplay aspects to it and the majority of my biological history for comes from the forum roleplay that I have engaged on the above website.

Although all of these threads were created at different times, they have been placed in chronological order of when they happened in character. Topic descriptions are brief summaries as to what they were about and Darth Vazela's personal involvement.
Emergence on Korriban - Darth Vazela returns to the Sith Empire after a four decade year long self imposed exile. Upon his return, he arranges a meeting with the then reigning Dark Lord of the Sith and Emperor, Darth Voracitos, to discuss his role within the Empire. But the meeting is cut premature and the two part ways after the Emperor leaves.
This used to be a fun house - After his meeting with Darth Voractios, Darth Vazela encounters the Sith Knights Shinju, Lucien Cordel and Dranok Lussk, with the presence of Jorn Kvall and Kära Vi'dreya as their students. He utilizes a Suppress Thought on Shinju, Lucien, Dranok and Jorn to make them forget that he was ever present during their session, while taking away Kära with him to the Dac system to begin her tutelage as his Sith Apprentice.
In the depths of Obscurity - Following the events of "This used to be a fun house" Darth Vazela travels from the Grand Sith Temple on Korriban with his newly acquired Sith Apprentice Kära Vi'dreya to the Dac system. Here, they arrive via a Sith Infiltrator in the Mon Calamari shipyards, where the nefarious Sith Lord orders the construction of the Obscurity. As the Attrition-class Star Destroyer is constructed, he teaches Kära Vi'dreya and helps her development of the Lightsaber form, Makashi. He also develops her affinity to the dark side of the force and over a period of three months, they engaged in a series of duels to help her combat development. After three months, the Obscurity is assembled and Darth Vazela leaves the Dac system on board his new flagship.
Here, have some hell, we know how much you like it - In between the events of "In the depths of Obscurity" Mand'alor Mia Monroe leads an ambitious assault on the Mon Calamari shipyards in the heart of Imperial space. Looking to defend the Obscurity, which had not finished construction, as well as Dac and her shipyards, Darth Vazela sneaks away from the Dac system and returns on board the Carnifex. Utilizing the Pellaeon II-class Star Destroyer to lead an counter attack against the Mandalorians, the Sith Lord makes his way on board the Ori'vod to capture Mia Monroe. When he discovers that the Mand'alor is not on board the Mandalorian Star Destroyer and the fact that the enemy is retreating, the Sith Lord returns to the Carnifex as Mia Monroe and the Mandalorians escape. He returned to training his Sith Apprentice and waits for the Obscurity to finish construction.
Full-Scale Action (Sith Dominion of Aeten II) - In between the events of "In the depths of Obscurity" and after "Here, have some hell, we know how much you like it" Darth Vazela heeds the call of the Sith Empire to attend the annexation of Aeten II. During the occupation process, he sets up a Prefabricated garrison and removes an assortment of criminals such as smugglers, who sought to utilize Aeten II for it's stygium crystal deposits and subsequently sell them on the black market for profit. After removing the criminal element from Aeten II, Darth Vazela returns to the Dac system to oversee the construction of the Obscurity and training of his Sith Apprentice.
Revealing their deceit - Following the events of "In the depths of Obscurity," Darth Vazela's Sith Apprentice, Kära Vi'dreya, has gone missing. Tracking down her last known whereabouts to the Elom system, the Sith Lord encounters Lord of Elom and Sith Knight, Lucien Cordel and his former Sith Apprentice, Dranok Lussk, for the first time since the Sith Lord utilized a Suppress Thought upon them in "This used to be a fun house." Encountering the space slug, Nazo, for the first time too, the Sith Lord uncovers the mystery surrounding Kära Vi'dreya and what really happened to her after she disappeared. (Unfinished)
Cast a long Shadow. - Darth Vazela is invited to a tournament hosted by the Sith Master, Sirella Valkner. (Unfinished)
Leadership Meeting - The Nebula Front is founded by the bounty hunter Caile Nemorra. Darth Vazela is invited to the meeting by the leadership of the Nebula Front and watches the exchange via a holographic feed on board the Obscurity.
The Shadow Emperor Calls - The Dark Lord of the Sith and Shadow Emperor, Darth Voracitos, has summoned the greatest Sith Alchemists and Sith Sorcerers in the Empire to his palace for a meeting. Revealing twenty one slaves that he wishes to be made better, Darth Vazela joins Kaine Zambrano, Darth Hauntress and Disciple as they each go about the creation of the Ethereal Slaves on the order of their master. (Unfinished)
Swan Song - Sith Master Velok is leaving the Empire. The newly risen Dark Lord of the Sith, Tyrin Ardik, has overthrown the Shadow Emperor, Darth Voracitos and subsequently sworn himself in as the new Emperor. Alongside the men that helped him to bring about his new reign, Darth Vazela and Lord Ashmedai accompany Tyrin to Felucia, to discover what Velok is leaving to the Empire before his final departure. (Unfinished)
Plans in motion - At the floating city of Orotoru G'am on the ocean covered world Dac, Darth Vazela has gathered an assortment of Sith Knights and Sith Apprentices to meet with him as he begins his administration and governance of the new sector awarded to him as a Sith Lord under Emperor Ardik.
Voyage to Aeten II - Following the events of "Plans in motion," Darth Vazela and Zoey Marix have arrived on the Obscurity from the Mon Calamari floating city Orotoru G'am for the Attrition-class Star Destroyer's latest voyage. Darth Vazela's flagship has finished construction, but it is still not finished. Joined by Zoey Barabis and an encounter with Sith Knight Pandeima, the Sith Lord brings the Obscurity to Aeten II for the next phase of it's development. (Unfinished)
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah - Darth Vazela is preparing for his invasion of the galaxy. On the desert world of Metalorn, the Sith Lord and the Obscurity have arrived to collect data on HIMs. However, the enignmic Jedi Grandmaster, Ben Watts and assortment of allies having led an assault on Metalorn in order to liberate it from the clutches of Sith rule. Pulled into the battle, Darth Vazela joins the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Emperor Ardik and allies against their ancient nemesis. (Unfinished)
The Seats of Fools - Upon the capital of Emperor Ardik's new Sith Empire, Dromund Kaas, an Sith Master thought to had abandoned the Empire in favor of the Vagrant Fleet has emerged, and with his emergence, a challenge. Mikhail Shorn, challenger for the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith, has made his move. Like other Sith within the Empire, Darth Vazela has made his move too. But who will come out on top? (Unfinished)

Below this point are events following the 'time skip'

Object's in Space - The wandering entity, Nazo, arrives on the Obscurity to meet with the Sith Lord, Darth Vazela, to enter training with him. As Vazela slumbers in secret, away from the preying eye of the other Sith, he secretly trains Nazo to see what this entity is capable of and to see if the being was worthy of a Sith Master's apprenticeship.
In Darkness - Darth Vazela arrives on the Sith home world, Korriban and ventures to the Sith Grand Temple. Settling in the hall where the fabled Dark Council under Emperor Vitiate once sat in, he meets with the Dark Lord of the Sith and Emperor, Tyrin Ardik, to propose an attack on Coruscant to destroy the Jedi Temple, with various other Sith there to witness.
A Demon's Fate - Vazela's meeting with the Dark Lord of the Sith, Tyrin Ardik, has just ended. Still brooding over it's events inside the Dark Councillor chambers in the Grand Sith Temple on Korriban, an unexpected visitor appears. Kära Vi'dreya, once upon a time candidate for his Sith apprenticeship, makes an appearance. But does she want?
Meticulous Preparation - Following his meeting with the Sith Emperor on Korriban, Darth Vazela returns to the Almania system, heading to the Towers of the Je'har to meet with the Sith Knight, Circe. It is the first time the Sith Lord has returned to his home world since he became a Sith nearly five decades previously. Here, he explains his plan to destroy the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, as well as the possible occupation of the Republic's capital and passes over several demands for technological developments.
The Imperium Will Stay Dead - Darth Vazela leads Stormtroopers onto the Imperial Palace in Bastion. With the help of his second hand man, Malus Bligh, he secures the palace, murders the regional government and brings Bastion under the banner of the Sith.
Criminal Reconnaissance - Sending his second hand man, Malus Bligh, to rendezvous with a bounty hunter, Nova Thanewulf, Darth Vazela eagerly awaits for the return of Malus to the Obscurity, whilst the latter goes about gaining reconnaissance of the Jedi Temple and other key locations on Coruscant whilst the Sith Lord prepares for his attack.
Humanitarian Aid Whether You Like It Or Not - Darth Vazela joins the dominion of Togoria. Flying down from the Obscurity, he observes the various members of the Empire's military and the Sith Order, leaving his second hand man, Malus Bligh, to assist in the relief effort, as well as securing the Empire's bases deployed.
Fire and Ice - The Obscurity arrives in the Tobali system. With Darth Vazela on board, the Sith Lord makes his way down to Rhen Var to find the Solari crystal caves. As he searches for a Solari crystal, he encounters the Sith Knight Talon Vosra for a third time and the then lost Mortivious for the first time.
A Current Event - Owner of the Attrition-class Star Destroyer, the Obscurity, Darth Vazela participates in the dominion of the Sneeve system.
The Reclamation of Helska - On board the Obscurity, Darth Vazela's Attrition-class Star Destroyer participates in the dominion of Helska. Here, he furthers his connection with the enigmatic Circe Savan.
Subjugation of Metalorn - Ruler of the south western sector that made up one of the three halves divided between he and the two other Sith Lords under Emperor Tyrin Ardik's rule, Venom Tartarus ventures to the Obscurity to meet with the elusive Sith Lord Darth Vazela to subjugate Metalorn, a world within Vazela's territory, for himself. In his stead, Vazela sends Venom to Metalorn to quell the Republic insurrectionists left behind by the Republic, in the aftermath of the Battle of Metalorn.
Creation of the Nether Amulets - As Velok and Valik finish their recreation of the Dark Staff, using the fragments of the ancient artifact they managed to retain from their raid on Tython, Darth Vazela senses a disturbance in the Force, on the eve of his meeting with Venom Tartarus. Unknowingly to the Sith Lord, he has felt the Dark Staff's reemergence and feels fear, for the first time in decades.
Meanwhile, At The Hall of Doom - Leader of the Trade Council, Genesis Rostu leads a delegation from the Confederacy of Independent Systems to the Sith capital Dromund Kaas, to meet with Emperor Tyrin Ardik of the Sith Empire within the Imperial Citadel to finalize their alliance. As one of three of Ardik's Sith Lords, Darth Vazela attends the meeting as part of the Sith's own delegation for the negotiations.
Will to Power - Months after his initial failed challenge, Mikhail Shorn has returned to Dromund Kaas to challenge the Dark Lord of the Sith and reigning Emperor, Tyrin Ardik, for his mantle. It is the perfect time for the Defier of Kings and his insurrectionists to strike the Umbaran down, for the meeting between the Empire and Confederacy of Independent Systems has just ended. But will Ardik remain Emperor? Darth Vazela has a say on the answer to that question.
Flight of the Obscurity - Following the conclusion of "Will to Power" Tyrin Ardik has been dethroned and Dranok Lussk rules in his place as Emperor. The defeat of the elusive Umbaran has shifted the thoughts of Darth Vazela and subsequently, with thanks to visions given to him by the force, the man intends to no longer act as a Sith Lord. Seeking to create something better, he leaves Dromund Kaas and subsequently the Empire in search of a new path.
Construction of the Bantha - It has been two months since Vilox Pazela left the Sith Empire. On board the Obscurity, the Attrition-class Star Destroyer lays in hiding in Wild Space. As the former Sith Lord thinks of a way to replace the crew with one that would be more sympathic to his goals, he invites Circe Savan to his flagship to help develop the Bantha, a personal Sith Infiltrator for him to use. (Unfinished)
Bakuran Arms Show - Arriving on Bakura, Vilox Pazela has begun his search for the Book of Sith. His investigation into the books whereabouts has led him to an old familiar face, Lucien Cordel, whom he believes can put him in touch with the elusive whipkid, Velok. However, after meeting with the Sith Master, he discovers that the Dark Lord died in the recent Republic raid during the auction in which the Book of Sith was purchased by the elusive Black Sun Vigo, Domino.
Bakuran Encounters - During and after the "Bakuran Arms Show" Vilox discovers his apprentice, Circe Savan, among the spectators. He brings her out of the show in order to bring her along to continue his search for the elusive Domino, so they can together discover the Book of Sith. (Unfinished)
Infestation on Balmorra - Arriving on Balmorra, Vilox involves himself in the Colicoid crisis, by beginning his experiments into Sith Alchemy on the Colicoid Queen.
To steal a man's tea - The Lords of the Fringe have made their move and subsequently begun their invasion of Atrisia. With thanks to the Obscurity, Vilox Pazela picks up the incoming Fringe forces to the Galactic Empire's home world and makes his way to Atrisia via a Dominus-class starfighter, motivated by revenge against Darth Arcis, due to the events of "Will to Power". (Unfinished)
Gathering of Minds - Following his disappearance from the Empire, Vilox Pazela returns to Dromund Kaas to meet with the same Sith Lord he had ruled alongside with during the reign of Tyrin Ardik. Kaine Zambrano is now the Dark Lord of the Sith and consequential Emperor of the Sith Empire; and so old allies meet again, with a proposal in mind.
Operation 'Hammer' - Following the events of "Gathering of Minds" Vilox Pazela has assumed the alias Darth Vazela once more and rules over the Sith Empire as a Lord of the Sith under the reign of Kaine Zambrano, the Sith Emperor. Here, he assists in the enslavement of the Togorians, the natives of Togoria, which he had previously conquered under the reign of Tyrin Ardik during the events of "Humanitarian Aid Whether You Like It Or Not". (Unfinished)
Darkness Calls - Utilizing his position as a Lord of the Sith Empire, Vilox Pazela arrives in the Vjun system on board his flagship, the Obscurity, deceiving it's commanding officer, Malus Bligh, that he is to perform a clandesline operation to perform reconnaissance on the Mandalorian Empire. In reality, the Dark Jedi is here because others like him have been summoned by someone and he is there to find out why. (Unfinished)
Rip the heart from a world - Ashin Varanin has resurfaced and it has perked the interest of Vilox Pazela. Accompanying his apprentice, Circe Savan, on board an Abominor in the Unknown Regions, he begins his search for the elusive former Sith Empress that he has heard so much about. As he searches the Abominor to set up a confrontation with the Dark Jedi Master, he encounters a mixture of individuals, all of whom have come on board the long lost giant droid for their own nefarious reasons. (Unfinished)
Mytus Lords of the Unknown - Leading the Sith Empire's dominion over Mytus VII as his alter ego, Darth Vazela, Vilox Pazela heads towards the Mytus system from his sector's capital, Mon Calmari, accompanied by a team of Sith sent to assist him, on board his flagship, the Obscurity.

Darth Vazela

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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