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Vilmish Hulnak

Vilmish Hulnak



[SIZE=11pt]Vilmish Hulnak[/SIZE]




[SIZE=11pt]1.85 Meters[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]84.36 kg[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]His eyes are about as red as his skin[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Vilmish has no hair, just two fairly large horns on his head[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]It’s a fiery orange-red in color[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Force sensitivity [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]None, he can’t touch the force. Doesn’t mean he won’t try bluffing it if he think it’ll save his skin.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Vilmish never really sticks around one place long, his wanderlust that seems to be inherent to all Devaronian males always pushes him to explore deeper reaches of the Galaxy[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Vilmish is a “jack of all trades master of none”, heavy emphasis on the last part. He juggles quite a few different jobs, ranging from small-time smuggling, mercenary work, and in very rare instances small bounties. Anything for a nice handful of credits.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Vilmish is a very efficient coward, he’s shown to be very good at getting someone else in the way of big scary blasters or hail of bolts. Or just running, he’s good at that. His judgement for when it’s time to run has become fairly good as well, practice makes perfect.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Despite being a coward, he’s not half that bad with a blaster and has shown himself to be a fairly efficient gunslinger on multiple occasions.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Vilmish is well, a coward. While he may be a good one he has a bad habit of turning tail to save his hide whenever things go south, making him lose out on his beloved credits.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Vilmish is extremely greedy, and as such has a hard time working as a team with anyone. He prefers having rewards all fall into his lap, no sharing with dear old Hulnak.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Vilmiosh favors his Heavy Blaster Pistol over all things, a bit of an old gun from back when he was a port guard on Devaron but it has served him very well over the past years.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Hidden away at all times he carries a small vibroblade, never know when someone needs to be stabbed.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Vilmish isn’t all too impressive nor all too pitiful, he’s just rather average. He blends easily into crowds and fits perfectly into the background of many places, with a good handful of crimes in his lap that’s fine by him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Biography [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Vilmish was far from impressive when he was born, not quite living the same wild life he does now. Born on the Devaronian homeworld of Devaron. His father gone when he was still quite young from a seemingly inherent wanderlust that most Devaronian males possessed he’d never quite known the man as he died along the way. Never quite bothered the scoundrel now, doesn’t think of it. Though, he was far better than what he became always keeping a fear in the back of his mind of the liberally given death penalty on his homeworld.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]In Vilmish’s early adulthood he found himself working for a port near his home, more or less his only job till he ditched the planet. It was considerably dull, and Vilmish soon began to feel the inherent wanderlust of his kind take in but never did he act upon it. For other urges began to skirt within him, breaking the law. The thrill of escaping death each time he wasn’t caught it was quite exhilarating and he soon became a corrupt element within the space port. Helping greatly with some smuggling operations that needed to push through the planet, which had the man on good terms when he finally decided to commit a mass robbery and leave his homeworld.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Wanderlust and a desire to break the law create a strange mix within a man, in Vilmish’s case he decided he was going to steal a few thousand credits from the port and the boss’s freighter. A daring thing that surely would’ve been met with a violent death via Quarra hounds but this was Vilmish’s first show of being quite the sly little devil, he had planned this for months and in one fell swoop broke free from his boring life and delved right into the dirty scum of the Underworld. A wanted criminal on Devaron, they never quite had the ability to go and hunt after someone like him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]He never did quite excel into infamy but he did end up fitting right into the underworld. Though with skills only as a port guard he did just about any sort of job to get in a few credits, light bounties, mercenary work, and some smuggling too. Never quite great at any of them but he was cheap enough to get work done. He loved it all anyway though, there was something about the Underworld that spoke to him enough that he could just engross himself into it’s winding slopes. And make more than enough enemies with a very potent cowardice, he will always put himself over other people. And in many cases, put someone else “over” him when the blasters start flaring._

While he has been working in the business for a little under the decade now, he has remained a jack of all trades with a heavy emphasis on master of none and holds no truly noteworthy achievements to his name. He merely hops across the Galaxy from underworld haven to Underworld haven, always making sure to stay a good few sectors away from his homeworld to make sure retribution never finds him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Vilmish uses the ever so common junkyard of a freighter for getting along, a ship he stole when he ever so gracefully ditched his first job on Devaron. Heavily modified it was a CEC design and holds much of that same appearance still, though it is almost more comparable to a small gunship now as over the years Vilmish has equipped with with a Quad Laser Cannon, two Twin Laser Cannons, and 3 Concussion missile tubes. Though it’s hull and shields could be described as “lacking”.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=11pt]Bounties Collected[/SIZE]