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Approved Tech Vigil Series 44 Slugthrower

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Orwell, The Librarian

Intent: A personal, more stylish weapon for Vigil
Image Source:
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A

Manufacturer: Ultimatum/LOOM
Model: Vigil Series 44
Affiliation: Vigil
Modularity: Yes, each bullet can be of several types, and a silencer can be attached
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel

Classification: Slugthrower
Size: Handheld
Length: 26.67 cm (Barrel is 12.7 cm long)
Weight: 1.4 kg
Ammunition Type: Bullets
Ammunition Capacity: 7 shots
Effective Range: Personal
Rate of Fire: Single action

  • Specialized Ammo
  • Attachable silencer
  • Specialized Ammo: Individual bullets can be loaded into the clip to provide various effects ranging from nonlethal Mercy bullets, to explosive kinetic rounds, to incendiary rounds, and anything else that can be imagined and purchased or created. The clip itself can also be filled to fire progressively more dangerous bullets.
  • Attachable Silencer: A silencer can be attached to reduce noise and muzzle flash to drastically lower levels, making the weapon suitable for stealth. However, this particular weapon benefits very little from said silencer, making it less than desirable.

  • Powerful: The Vigil Series 44 is a very powerful, heavy slugthrower that produces a large sum of kinetic energy in each shot. Each shot causes a significant impact on its target, though the effectiveness of such shots depends on the bullets loaded.
  • Customizable Ammo: With so many types of shots able to be loaded into the weapon, various effects and possibilities exist from non-lethal take downs to setting things on fire.
  • Club: The weapon is heavy enough to be used as a club when swung, with quite a bit of pain inflicted.
  • Jedi/Sith: As a slugthrower, the shots can be stopped by a lightsaber, assuming the jedi is able to predict where the bullet will actually hit, it is impossible to deflect the shots back.
  • Intimidation: The weapon looks nice, and what's more terrifying than someone calmly reloading a weapon, as if they already know how the fight ends?
Weaknesses :
  • Heavy: The weapon is quite heavy for a pistol, noticably so, which gives the weapon a tendency to aim lower than one might expect.
  • Low ammo count: Seven shots. Make them count.
  • Manual reload: Each bullet must be reloaded one at a time into the cylinder, which is a swing out cylinder. Further compounded by the single-action hammer being required to be fully cocked for each shot.
  • Distinctive: This particular weapon is extremely stylized and highly recognizable, effectively a calling card. Not to mention it is a very loud, obvious weapon.
  • Recoil: This weapon kicks very, very heavily. The single action is more a safety feature, forcing the user to re-arm the weapon between shots. Without such, it would become a danger to the user more than anyone.

Let it never be said an AI can't have a sense of style. Vigil may justify the use of a large revolver as intimidation and mind games, but some... human part of him just finds it stylish. Even so, his custom revolver-type slugthrower is a sight to behold. The powerful weapon fires heavy slug rounds, impacting with great force against targets. Without armor, these shots can even tear at organic tissue, provided they hit just right. Even with armor the weapon can produce enough force to down most humans who venture within close proximity, though these effects are significantly reduced at closer ranges.

Made for personal defense, intimidation, and personal satisfaction, the custom revolver of Vigil was something of an odd choice. There is no practical reason to limit himself even more than using a slugthrower did, in terms of rounds that was. But after much conversation, Vigil convinced Ultimatum, one of his designers and a fellow AI, to create the weapon. With its distinctive look, sound, and bulky body, this weapon is made to display with crystal clarity exactly how little Vigil cares to the situation.

For times he needs the power but requires something resembling stealth, a custom fitted silencer is stored with the weapon. The silencer reduces the noise significantly, however it is still makes very distinctive sounds, if any sensors are capable of picking up the extremely muted noise. Despite this, Vigil's Series 44 is a capable and even devastating weapon over short periods of time.
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