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Approved Tech Vidua

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Intent: To make a new custom rifle for Nate

Image Credit

Cannon Link: N/A

Restricted Missions: None

Development Thread: N/A, one can be made

Manufacturer: Nate Phantoms

Model: N/A

Affiliation: Nate Phantoms

Modularity: At 59cm, directly after the forward sight, the barrel can unscrew and detach, much like a suppressor would for a normal weapon. Tactical rail allows for interchangeable optics and accessories

Production: Unique

Material: Durasteel, plastoid, carbon fiber, rail gun components

Classification: Rail Gun

Size: Handheld

Length: Combined - 70 cm
Separated - 59 cm

Weight: 3.4 kg

Ammunition Type: 9.7mm copper coated durasteel-cored lead projectile, disintegrating aluminum sabot depleted uranium rounds

Ammunition Capacity: 13 round detachable box magazine with integrated 13 shot power cell

Effective Range: ((What would be a good range but not too overpowered?)) 900 meters point target, 1,150 meters area

Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic

Special Features: It's black and gold, duh. Great for long range engagements and/or picking off people you dislike from rooftops

+ Due to being a rail gun, it lacks the muzzle blast of traditional firearms, and the bright flash of blaster weapons
+ When given to someone who has years of practice aiming down the sights, it's a pretty dangerous outcome for those in the crosshairs
+ Great penetration power, even more so when the 'DU' rounds are utilized

- Rather cumbersome when you're running, being as long as it is
- Not for the faint of heart, this weapon takes training and skill to properly use
- Doesn't really fit anywhere other than a case, or a few empty seats
- Relatively small magazine, make sure to pack a couple

​Description: When his most recent rifle was destroyed, Nate took it upon himself to create a new one. Using some of the same principles of his other rifles, and from sniper rifles, he created a near hybrid. A different weapon for a different man.

The main drawback is the weapons size, but Nate is used to that being a borderline giant. You wouldn't be able to sprint around and vault over fallen debris as easily with the weapon. Probably could if you really tried, but it's meant to eliminate targets before they got close enough to make you turn tail and run. If its not working for you, it's time to look for a new weapon.
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