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Approved Tech VF-1

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  • Manufacturer: Nadir slaves Aver Brand

  • Model: Velamen Furtim 1

  • Affiliation: Aver Brand

  • Modularity: Somewhat. Info in the description.

  • Production: Semi-Unique

  • Material: Electronic components, duraplast

  • Real-time holographic projection around the user

  • Battery that can sustain it in the absence of an external power source

  • Internal memory for storing images and profiles
VF can project and sustain a holographic overlay with a maximum radius of 3 m. It’s powered by a battery that can sustain projections up to 10 hours of constant use. Alternately, VF can be attached to an external power source, in which case it will utilize the external supply of energy until disconnected.

VF can store up to 10 full holographic image projections in its memory, allowing for quick switching between disguises (1-5 sec, depending on complexity). When connected to a computer, VF can also access any holographic image projections stored on said computer, or even download others from the holonet (provided the computer has an uplink). Switching to such externally stored images takes longer (usually anywhere between 10-30 sec). In addition to basic images for holographic projection (e.g. a faction's armor), VF can also superimpose additional images over the base. This results in effects like scarred or burned armor, gunshot wounds, indents, and the like. VF can also store ‘profiles’. These profiles, in addition to storing a holographic projection, also store the associated voice scrambling, bio-signature, and IFF data. When connected to appropriately powerful scanners, VF can convert scans of the environment or creatures into real-time projections.

VF is also EMP and ion hardened. Point-blank or exceptionally powerful blasts will still render it inoperable. VF will then require a manual reset to work again, while also losing any internally stored data.


  • Fast. The user can cycle through the stored projections/profiles very quickly and smoothly.

  • EMP/Ion hardened.

  • Undetectable by the sentient eye, scanners, computers, or the Force.
Weaknesses :

  • Damaging the device will disrupt its function or, in extreme cases, shut it down completely.

  • When projecting beyond the bounds of the user (e.g. a human disguised as a rancor), any extended interaction with the environment will reveal the incorporeality of the projection.
As a frequent and demanding user of the original HDM, Aver had discovered its weaknesses and shortcomings rather early on. That is not to say, of course, that this modified and upgraded version would suit everyone – it was, after all, tailor-made to fit her requirements.

In light of this, Aver made it sturdier on the whole, seeing as she spent the majority of her time in high risk environments. Physically, VF has been reinforced to withstand both physical and electromagnetic damage, allowing the user to maintain the disguise even longer. She’d also contracted some of the crack slicers and infochants in her employ to give the old software and computer components a face-lift worthy of the modern age. Hailing from Point Nadir, Aver was able to make use of the latest and greatest (and most banned) in technology, which in turn lends to fantastic processing power and thus higher speeds. These technological advancements also lead to reduction in size, which allows the user to conceal or carry it more easily.

All these upgrades boil down to a few simple things, in the end: VF works extremely quickly and accurately, with nearly all the bugs and hitches that plagued the original removed. It has also been modified to store whole data profiles for the user’s convenience, which serves Aver well in her mercenary work. Through years of contracting and travel – and, naturally, black market trading and deals – she has acquired an enviable amount of info on the various factions scattered around the galaxy. Because of this, her disguises aren’t merely visually convincing, but also come with the appropriate tags and data to fool any scans she might be subjected to.

VF, all things considered, is a sophisticated piece of tech that shamelessly builds on a past invention, upgraded and specialized for the needs and abuses of a certain type of individual in a certain type of work. It’s extremely expensive, difficult to build, and almost impossible to reverse-engineer.

But hey, it’s hella useful.
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