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Venjuta Industries


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​Out Of Character Information

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​Corporation Information

Corporation Name: Venjuta Industries

Headquarters: Serenno

Locations: Serenno

Operations: Shipbuilding, Droids, Vehicles

Tier: 2


Venjuta Industries is a family owned company, House Venjuta, which has been around since 2 BBY. The company was first founded by Count Dar Venjuta, who had strong ties to the Galactic Empire, who saw the forthcoming Rebellion as a means to profit. Count Venjuta signed several deals with the Empire, and began mass producing weapons and vehicles for the Imperials. When the Empire collapsed, Count Venjuta died under mysterious circumstances, and the company was inherited by his only son, Kel.

Under the new Count of House Venjuta, Kel switched gears and sided with the newly formed New Republic. Under his watch, the company halted production of weapons of destruction, focusing on medical devices and construction. The latter was to help rebuild the fractured galaxy, but this operation began to draw the company near the red line. To prevent the collapse of Venjuta Industries, Kel withdrew the construction aspect of his company, switching to droid production; mostly medical droids. Later, they added vehicle construction and shipbuilding to their menu, but most were designed with medical intentions.

For a few years, leading up to Kel's death, the company profited equally; making just enough credits to stay afloat. When the Sith returned to the galaxy, the current owner of Venjuta Industries, Count Jero Venjuta, saw this return as a means to bring the company to the forefront of glory. He aligned himself with Darth Krayt, by giving his only son Gewiol a Force sensitive, to the One Sith in return for protection and contracts. Jero realized his mistake, and when he tried to secretly withdraw his company from the One Sith, Darth Krayt sent the newly appointed Sith Lord Darth Mor, formerly Gewiol, to eliminate Jero. Darth Mor took over both title and the company, until the Sith Lord was murdered by Darth Talon in his sleep, for failing to keep the other Houses on Serenno from siding with Roan Fel; forcing the company to barely stay afloat under the young boy Hori Venjuta. The company passed hands throughout the decades; sometimes profitable, sometimes near collapse.

850 ABY

With the death of Count Tro Venjuta, his only son Marlow Venjuta was bestowed the title Count of House Venjuta and ownership of Venjuta Industries. Straightaway, he revamped the company.

Hiring advisors, they went through the historical records choosing what brought the company the most profits. It was decided that shipbuilding, droid, and vehicle manufacturing would be the company's new image. Profits were the name of the game, so Venjuta Industries for the first time in it's history began to undertake private contracts. They didn't care what their creations were used for, as long as the profits continued to flow in. They avoided aligning themselves with any government or faction, but unbeknownst to the board of directors, a new facet Marlow brought to Venjuta Industries, Marlow began to secretly work with the newly founded Sith Ascendancy; keeping his secret from them by any means possible. However, he kept from the Sith Ascendancy the company's private contracts a secret.

The company's policy was to keep the nature of galaxy intact. Most raw materials they required were found in remote locations on several planets scattered across the galaxy. They believed that destroying or disrupting the balance of nature could, in the end, drain them of materials. So Venjuta Industries would not drain locations/planets of resources, taking only enough to allow them to continue production. If lumber was required, they would replant seeds in the area to repopulate the trees they taken. In terms of mining, they would not take more than thirty-five percent of ore and minerals and alloys, thus allowing the regions to replenish itself naturally. Venjuta Industries was an eco-friendly company.


Count Marlow Venjunta inherited the company after the death of his Father, Tro Venjunta. As a young boy, he was taught about the company. He learned business ethnics and contract negotiations. He also, even at a young age, saw the main problem plaguing the company; poorly skilled labor and lack of motivation. Upon taking the reigns, he systematically began replacing the labor force, weeding out the poorly skilled in favor of highly skilled workers.

To bring motivation to the workers, he installed a health care policy for the workers, plus allowing each worker to purchase stock in the company; something his ancestors never implemented. Through clever tactics, he created a board of directors to oversee the daily production of the company. Despite the board of directors granted powers, Count Venjuta ruled the company like a governor ruled a planet.



Parent Corporation: N/A

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