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Approved Tech VE-JR "Veger" stealth suit

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Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
(not VE-JR)


Intent: To make Elijah a useful set of armour.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Iron Crown Productions
Model: Viper E-class armour
Affiliation: Elijah Rowlin
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Plastoid, synthmesh

Classification: Multi-purpose
Weight: 7.1 kilograms
Quality: 6
Other Feature(s): Plasma torch, extendable cable scomp-link, liquid cable launcher, 10x security spike tunneler supply, interference generator, mag-boots, integrated HUD, optional camo cloak, air-scrubber/oxygen tank

The Viper E is designed with one man in mind, and his unique skillset - a slicer and a pilot together, this set of armour was designed to maximise his capabilities and use his talents and speciality skills to their fullest extent. This is not made for a frontline warrior, like Sergeant Major Potteiger. No, this is for a man who wants to be able to do everything. Overall, the Viper E is a simple and unassuming piece of kit, designed not to take blaster hits or be at the vanguard of the assault. This is a support and engineering suit (hence the E) for a mon who wants to move quickly, access a variety of systems and do more or less everything.

Unlike most current armours, this set is non-powered beyond the standard helmet HUD used for most armour systems. Utilizing a holographic display system, the wearer has a full show of standard visual range, with system overlays for anything that the Viper E jacks into, as well as standard mounted comlink. While there are no displays for vital signs and damage, this armour isn't from some silly game or movie with which to inspire the designer. Using plastoid plating overlaid by synthmesh in places, as well as a bodyglove, the armour functions well as a light and defensible suit of armour with a focus on flexibility. The optional camo-cloaks are also made of synthmesh and can be clipped to the shoulders.

The two arms are the primary feature of the suit: the right arm mounts a plasma cutter, while the left arm features a liquid cable launcher and a cable-extendable scomp-link. This allows the armour to cut its way through mild hull plating, jack in to computer systems and scale walls. To assist in the latter activity, the armour has mag-boots built in. This allows the user to scale almost any sheer wall with a combination of cable launcher and mag-boots. With a fully-sealed system and an air scrubber/oxygen tank, the suit can move for up to 20 minutes in zero-G atmospheres.

The utility belt mounts an interference generator. This high-end model makes use of the latest technology to shut down video and sound recording in the room that the user is present in. It also carries a moderate supply of security spike tunnellers, which can be fitted onto the scomp-link to force entry into a particularly difficult security terminal or system. It also has a number of pouches for carrying bacta patches, food pellets, credchits and the like.

Kudos to @Qae Shana for designing it.
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