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Vanguard High Mobility Armor

Desmond Voralis.

Soldier of Fortune
Random brainstorming on Skype led to this. This is very much a first draft and thus far my only attempt at a factory sub, any and all feedback or suggestions to fill in the blanks are exceedingly welcome!

"Vanguard" High Mobility Armor


Design courtesy of Vanquish, copyright Platinum Games and Sega

Intent: To create a suit of light battle armor that emphasizes improving the wearer's mobility and evasion over direct protection, for use by Desmond Voralis and the CIS Phantoms
Development Thread: None, may require a thread for the on board command/control system
Manufacturer: Salus Corporation
Model: High Mobility Scout Armor
Affiliation: CIS/Desmond Voralis
Modularity: One modular hardpoint per wrist. Example upgrades include C-PES, micro-rockets, etc. Additional suggestions for a final list welcome.
Production: Limited
Material: Armorplast over an Armorweave suit.
Description: The Vanguard suit is a design centered entirely around high mobility combat at the expense of most other considerations. A combination of a low-powered repulsor and micro-thrusters scattered across the suit allows the user to hover roughly a centimeter above their current surface, vastly reducing the effect of friction and allowing the thrusters to provide a burst of speed. Heat concerns limit the activation time of the thrusters to an operation ceiling of approximately 10-15 second bursts, at which point they are forced to cease acceleration and vent before they can be used again. A process that can take between 20-25 seconds. Shorter bursts can be used more frequently than a single long burst, and provide an excellent means to rapidly move between positions of cover, cross open ground or evade slower moving projectiles such as rockets. At full acceleration, the armor's speed boost caps at approximately 40-50kph, with the exact velocity varying with environment and the mass of the operator. Two main techniques of using the boosters have been devised by the test operators. Skiing, remaining standing to take full advantage of the acceleration boost, and sliding, dropping into a lowered, one-leg extended position that reduces the size of the wearer as a target, but also lowers the overall effectiveness of the speed boost as fewer thrusters are in line to accelerate the wearer.

The mobility system is controled through an integrated command and control system within the armor. This system must be calibrated to an individual wearer's body type, range of motion and movements. When properly calibrated, the system responds to the user's movements to activate and deactivate the thrusters as needed. Either kicking into a slide or lunging forward into a ski would initiate the repulsorlift and acceleration thrusters, with further movement of the legs or arms providing course correction or braking to bring the armor back to a stop. Improper calibration, or attempting to use a suit calibrated for another individual, can cause severe injury due to the system mis-reading movements or making improper calculations of safe ranges of motion. The system is designed to protect the wearer from collision through active detection of nearby obstacles, countering thrust with a quick cushion of counter-force from the repulsor to reduce speed and bring the wearer back to a safer operating speed before making contact with new cover. Because of this system, the thrusters will not fire if a user were to attempt to use them to assist in a physical strike against an opponent. These safety overrides could potentially be disabled by a particularly reckless operator, but such an action would almost certainly result in injury to both parties involved, in addition to increasing the risk of injury or death if the system did not respond properly to an obstacle in its trajectory.

The presence of the repulsorlift also allows for insertion by air drop so long as the operator is careful to land feet first with a slight incline backwards to allow the system to cushion descent to a safe speed. Such drops can be highly dependent on local terrain and are not always feasible.

The armor's primary drawback is its lack of durability. The Vanguard provides limited protection to direct attack, and if pinned down an operator isn't much more resilient than a light scout. The complex systems and expensive materials involved render it impractical for mass deployment, limiting the armor to a small production run and use by elite teams utilizing movement-heavy combat doctrines either on their own or in support of a larger force.

Classification: Multipurpose
Weight: 13.75kg
Quality: Class 4
Other Feature(s): High-mobility package consisting of repulsorlift and thrusters with control system, Tactical HUD, Encrypted Commlink, Mag-boots, Two Wrist Hardpoint mounts, Clip points for extra power cells/magazines, grenades and small pieces of mission specific kit on chest and thighs.
For the Mag boots, What can the stick to and not stick to. Maybe clarify alittle on that as some say mag as magnetize boots, and others say that they have adhesive properties. Rather be safe than sorry.

And I very much like about how much detail you put into the rockets. However I will tell you that do not be surprised if it is denied. A RPJ may thing you are trying to pull off a crossover and it is against rules.

Desmond Voralis.

Soldier of Fortune
Yeah, I admit it seems like using the image of the actual inspiration armor has about a 50/50 shot depending on which RPJ decides to look at it. Unfortunately I haven't really found anything that just screams high mobility like the Vanquish ARS does.

I'm hoping that redesigning the tech to be more in line with Star Wars wins points, but if there's another appropriate image floating around out there that'd honestly probably help its chances. Much as I think the look of the ARS is spot on for this thing, it ultimately isn't the ARS.
How about this. So I can give you a better chance to get this approved. GIve me 24 hours from this post time, to find a different armor pic, If I find one, you may use if if you like, If not then use the one that you currently have.


Remove the armorweave
Anything in production that would drive the cost up immensely. Especially since you don't specifically mention this for fighting force users or being resistant to lightsaber attacks.

I would emphasize the high level of training required to use this so not every Joe Schmo can hop in and suddenly know how to do all the doodads :p
I like the inability to use it to strike someone, but perhaps mention the threat of someone using it's "safety" programs against the wearer and what size objects it considers a "hazard".

Desmond Voralis.

Soldier of Fortune
While not specifically for anti-Force User purposes, Armorweave didn't seem like a bad call for a special forces design considering they're probably more likely to run into Jedi/Sith equivalents in the field than a regular trooper. Part of the intent is that this is a very limited production run, intended primarily for the Phantoms. Desmond himself only ends up with a suit as part of his payment for helping with the initial testing.

It can certainly be adjusted if it ends up being an issue, though.