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Val'Rain Sekairo:

Valerie Re'Daull

Val'Rain Sekairo in Disguise
Sing us a song of the century
That's louder than bombs and eternity
The era of static and contraband
That's leading us into the promised land
Tell us a story that's by candlelight
Waging a war and losing the fight
Val'Rain Eski Sekairo
Clone of the late Mad Merc
NICKNAME: Val, Eski, and Ven
CALL-SIGN: Trident
HOME PLANET: Ord Mantell
RANK: Hunter and Mercenary
SPECIES: Clone {Human/Hapan/Shorak Mix}
AGE: 4 Chronologically, 28 Biologically
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 6 Feet 5 Inches, 195.58 Centimeters
WEIGHT: 215 Pounds, 97.5224 Kilograms
EYES: Light Yellow
HAIR: Naturally Red, Dyed Black
SKIN: Pale White
FORCE STATUS: Sensitive, though connection is weak.
Hair- Similar to the style her carbon copy used to have, Val's hair is short, black, and sculpted up into a mohawk. The longest strands are barely longer than three inches, and the shortest are around a centimeter long. Also like Ven, Val has naturally ginger hair, and dyes it various colors. When the lass doesn't have it up, she combs her hair to the right and tucks a few strands behind her ear.
Eyes- No need for color contacts. Val's eyes are naturally a light yellow, and are just as piercing as Ven's. However, her left eye is more of an orange, and slightly brighter than the right one. Besides for the odd color she has normal eyes. Longer than they are tall, mid-length eyelashes, and just a little darkness under, due to a lack of sleep. Just a little makeup covers this up.
Height- By now you've noticed the pattern. Val=Ven's clone. Which means this girl is just as tall as her original. 77 inches tall, 6 feet 5 inches. Not as tall as some people, but still well above average for human standards. It's believed Ven inherited her height from her father, who was supposedly a Shorak/Null mix. Sea'Rain, Ven's mum, was only 64 inches tall. It's safe to say she didn't contribute much to her daughter's size.
Facial Structure- Like her 'relatives', Val has an oval shaped face, semi-prominent cheekbones, a short nose, and detached ear lobes. Over her short existence (four years chronologically) the lass has gotten into a lot of bar fights. Which means a lot of bottles have been broken over her head. Small scars litter her cheeks, chin, and the back of her neck. Most notably is one below her right eye, a blow that almost blinded her, one that is darker then the rest (and more recent).
Body Structure- Other than her height, Val is your average girl. She's slightly more muscular than Ven, along with having a more reasonably sized stomach (as she keeps a good diet, while Ven didn't eat much). Her legs are a tad long as well. One last feature, more noticable then the others, is her moderately sized bust. Not as large as Fabulous Fabs (Ms. Cavataio, to clarify), but still a good size.
Modifications/Tattoos- The only modifications that Val has are her tattoos and piercings. Both of her ear lobes are pierced twice, the right side of her lower lip has one ring, and her left nostril has a small stud. A universe inspired sleeve covers her right arm, and a demon warrior adorns her left arm. Upon her 'birth', a strange symbol was branded on the base of her neck. She has no idea what it means, or why it was put there.
Clothing- Tribal meets post-war punk. That's the easiest way to describe Val's gothic style. Black leather meets tight jeans and fingerless gloves, along with muddy combat boots. A cloak gets thrown on top in the cold or rain, along with the occasional beanie to balance things out. Don't expect any bright colors. Almost everything she owns is black, white, grey, and darker shades of red.
Temperament- Oi. Don't aggravate this lass. Despite her best efforts, she has trouble keeping calm. People taking advantage of the weak bugs her to no end, and instantly puts her in ass-kicking mode. Another easy way to piss her off is to remind her that she's not even her own person, but merely a clone of someone. She does her best to ignore the fact that she has no real family, and avoids anyone who has ever tried to point that out to her. Val is known to get physical when people irritate her, so if you can't take a hit, it's best to either be kind, or ignore her completely.
Tired- Much like her counterpart, Val has never been one to get much sleep. She averages about 4-5 hours a night, sometimes less. For someone who has to be active for her job, that's not much. It leaves her tired, and makes her rely some on Stim Caf. When she's not working she'll mostly just rest, trying to catch up on lost sleep. The lass is more like Ven than she'd want to be.
Easily Bored- If you don't have anything interesting to say, don't say it. Val won't pay any attention, and she might even doze off. Or she'll just interrupt you and remind you how little she cares. Keep her entertained, or she won't bother to stick around. Though it isn't easy to satisfy her. Things get boring after awhile. They just get boring faster for Val.
Protective Nature- If she cares about you, she'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe. This trait is found in almost all of the Sekairos, and it was a trait that led Ven'Rain to her death. But it is one that Val doesn't mind having. Some people are bugged by this, seeing as it may feel like the lass doesn't think they can handle themselves. However she does mean well, and just wants to ensure that they are kept safe, and don't have to fight much, if at all.
Wary- Nothing wrong with being a 'lil paranoid. In fact, it can save your life. Especially if you're a mercenary/hunter. Lots of competition- plenty of which wouldn't mind killing to get a job. Val knows this, and watches her back. Cameras are set up all around her ship, her apartment, and anywhere she stays for awhile. She'll look up clients before taking a contract, to better know what she'll be dealing with.
Courage- One trait about Ven that never falters is her courage. Even in the darkest of moments, the most terrifying of scenarios, Ven appears to be fearless. This is untrue. Ven is not fearless, but that's not what courage is. Courage is understanding, and acting on the fact, that some things are more important than fear. Ven understands that.
Brute Strength- Keeping in shape is very important to the merc. There isn't a day that goes by without her spending at least an hour in her gym. Because of this (and her Shorak heritage), she's semi-muscular, and a lot stronger than the average person. And she doesn't have to rely completely on implants, getting rid of a weakness to electricity (which is what downed Ven). Add a metal gauntlet to her fist, and you'll hope she doesn't decide to punch you. It would hurt. A lot.
Street Brawling- Many people have made the mistake of pissing this girl off. Of course, most were drunk, and others didn't act against her, but against something she stands for. Due to this she's been in a lot of street fights. She's developed a unique fighting style, and knows when to play dirty, and how to use her environment to her advantage. Expect the unexpected.
Eye For Detail- There are patterns in almost everything. From flowers to the course of history. Finding said patterns are something that Val enjoys- and excels at. But patterns aren't the only things that catch her eye. The lass has a knack for picking up small details, and has learned how to use this to her advantage. From noticing an injury and focusing on the point to realizing that a subject is touchy, and avoiding it- or bringing it up more often.

Stands Out- You try hiding when you're over six feet tall, have a mohawk, and have yellow eyes. Think it would be easy? In most places, it wouldn't be. Hiding from cops is one thing, but if you ever get a bounty on your head, or need to hide behind enemy lines, you're doomed. Val's forced to do the old "Rush head-first and shoot everything" routine.
Supposed to be 'Dead'- Lots of people mistake her for Ven'Rain (for obvious reasons). When this doesn't cause people to try and kill her, it scares the hell out of people she goes to for help. And gets her kicked off various planets. Plus, it makes some people (who know the real mad merc died) freak out, sometimes causing a scene. This can help her out a few times, but unfortunately, more people disliked Ven than people liked her.
Protective- It's safe to say Val would give up her life to save someone she cares for. Just like the woman she's based off of. This could easily get her killed, whether she ends up getting electrocuted or pushes back forces while her partners escape. If she's gonna die any other way than peacefully in her sleep, it'll be by saving a friend. Already she's been beat up, nearly killed, and robbed several times because of her loyalty to her friends.
Pre-Creation: No one can deny the strength of Ven'Rain Sekairo. Once, many years ago, she was a soldier in the Republic military, a valued warrior able to keep going, no matter what. Her departure from Republic space sparked some controversy, and some wished that she hadn't struggled with her superiors. But she had been betrayed, and her trust lost. There were still many who wanted to have another like her. Someone who was strong, loyal, and protective of what she stood for.
Enthusiasts spent four years tracking down the mercenary, hiring her for a fake job. When she completed the task she returned to them for payment, leaving a bit of blood behind. The blood was collected, and DNA later taken from it. As the years went on they tried to perfect their cloning methods. Several failed clones were made, and 'put down'. Five years ago the process was modified, finally giving good enough results to be used.
By then Ven'Rain was twenty-eight and working for Omega Pyre.
Creation: Without Republic backing (or consent) a clone was created. Over two months it was 'grown', getting it to 'age' twenty-four. Once Val was the proper biological size they started training her, telling her that she had lost her memories, and was actually a regular human. Despite their efforts she cared little for the Republic, considering them to be 'just another false government'.
At four months old they preformed surgery on her, doing what was necessary to wipe her memories. Then they restarted the process, continuing to train her and installing a trust of the Jedi and Republic. For some reason they opted out of implants. This made her weaker then Ven, but more resistant to electricity.
Release: Three years ago the project was discovered, and due to it's semi-illegal nature, was shut down. Val managed to escape, leaving the facility. No one ever came to track her down (for unknown reasons). Somehow she was able to start a 'normal' life, searching for anything on her past. This lead to the discovery of her 'family'... and the fact that there were no records of a Val'Rain Sekairo. Further investigation revealed the report on her creation, along with the files behind the project.
Now knowing she was nothing but a clone, she set out to try and find Ven'Rain. Unfortunately the mad merc passed away before the two could meet. But Val was able to acquire her 'twin's' ship, which held several journals inside. Without much to do she looks for anyone who knew Ven, in hope of finding a real purpose.
SHIP: Slightly modified YT-1930 Transport. One of the cargo bays has been turned into a training area/miniature gym, and the two smaller cabins have been combined into one. Named "The Starlight Victor". Previously Ven'Rain Sekairo's ship. After the merc's death the ship was put in storage, and left for a Sekairo to claim. Val came forward not much later, posing as Ven's undocumented twin who lived with their father. Seeing as their DNA is a match, she was able to get it. {I have permission from R.A.N, Ven's writer, to take the ship. While Ven is no longer on the site, Kris is willing to come forth and give proof if necessary.}
Armor- Hidden in one of the secret compartments of TSV is an old suit of Republic military armor. It used to belong to Ven'Rain, and is now used by Val. It's nothing fancy, and isn't even up to date. Just a basic durasteel armor, very similar to what soldiers wore before the Battle of Yavin. A cloak will usually be worn over it.
Weapons- While the lass can't afford anything fancy, her 'twin' left behind a few good blasters and swords to use. There's also supposed to be a lightsaber somewhere in the ship, but it has yet to be found. Apparently it has a orange blade and a solid black hilt. Used to belong to Ven, made shortly before her passing.
Other- Various weights, dummies, and punching bags are held in her mini-gym/training area.
MENTAL STATE: Unlike the woman who she's based off of, Val is sane for the most part. Most recently she has had some issues, now that she knows the full truth behind her creation. Ven's death only makes matters worse. The lass is coping surprisingly well, and has dedicated her time to searching for those that knew Ven.
Clone Base- Ven'Rain Sekairo {Deceased}
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They're playing the song of the century
Of panic and promise and prosperity
Tell me a story into that goodnight
Sing us a song for me...

Valerie Re'Daull

Val'Rain Sekairo in Disguise
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Finished: 0 In Progress: 2 Dropped: 0
Familar Faces, Worn Out Spaces: Val meets Ventasia Terana, the ex-lover of her carbon copy. Chaos ensues.
You Don't Know Me, You Never Did: During a mission for Omega Pyre Val's blaster breaks, forcing her to get a new one. Along the way she meets Circe Savan, who kidnaps her and interrogates her. Sarcasm ensues.