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NAME: Valkyrie
RANK: Master
AGE: 22
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'6'
EYES: Unknown
HAIR: Unknown
SKIN: Unknown


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
[+] Valkyrie is incredibly gifted when it comes to lightsaber combat. She carried to separate Indigo lightsabers and her skill with them seem's comparable to the greatest blademasters in the galaxy.

[+] Along side her natural gift in lightsaber combat Valkyrie is gifted within self enhancing force powers. Force Speed especially comes incredibly naturally.

[+] As a Kiffar Valkyrie is gifted with the ability known as Psychometry. Valkyrie's blood like is incredibly powerful within this ability and with a single touch Valkyrie is able to glimpse entire eons of an objects memory. This skill is very handy in her pursuits of Sith.

[-] Valkyries main weakness is that she seems to be unable to use the Force as extensively as most Jedi or Sith. Telekenisis and other specialized skills seems to come with much difficulty to her, it at all.

[-] Valkyrie seems to be entirely relentless in her pursuit of those she wants. This constantly brings her into danger and makes her more likely to die in situations.

[-] Valkyrie despite her armor's looks is not technologically savvy. Unlike many other Hunters or people of the like Valkyrie has no skill with slicing or advanced technology. As such she has to hunt Sith using the old fashioned way, asking questions...and psychometry.

Little is known of who or what Valkyrie is. The woman seemed to appear out of no where and began to hunt down powerful Sith and Dark Jedi Masters. Little is known of her except for her signature orange armor and Indigo Lightsabers. Other than these two small details it is known that Valkyrie is female, her force aura is lightside orientated and she seems to hate Sith above all.

Unlike the Jedi of the galaxy Valkyrie seems to give no quarter to Sith, often beating them into submission and freezing them in carbonite and leaving them for dead in the most odd places or outright killing them. Valkyrie seems to have no trouble morally and she hardly ever speaks.

A Single Blackbird Class stealthfighter

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