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Valicore Engineering


Professor of Alchemy
Corporation Name: Valicore Engineering
Headquarters: None (explained in Description)
Locations: None (explained in Description)
Operations: Whatever Valik wishes to make or sell he puts on the market.

Rationale: Valicore Engineering is, in truth, not a real 'company' per se, but rather more akin to the shop of a personal craftsmen, albeit with much better methods of distribution and ordering. Valik used profits he obtained from his third share of Great Holocron Auction, which includes 718,457,333 credits, 10 roonstones, 2/3rds Durindfire Gem, 6.67% of Tarascii Explosives, 16.67% of M'n'M & Blasted Decisions, 15% of Prestigae Shop, along with other physical goodies. This funding along with access to the factories of Rahvin Industries allow Valik a lot of leeway in what he can create and distribute.

Tier: Tier 1

Description: Valicore Technologies was created as a way for Warren Valik to not only do what he loves, that is creating various machines of death, but also make money doing it, as well as support the endeavors of those he considers acquaintances and cause general havoc. With Valik's many talents as a scientist, engineer, slicer, and alchemists his products can be widely varied, but usually manifest in the form of a well made personal weapon. Valik serves as Valicore's only employee, for the most part taking care of drawing schematics, procuring materials, and building items by himself. This of course limits him to a very minor production, but with the ability to create unique and powerful items he is able to charge extremely high prices for his work, allowing him to still turn in quite the steady profit. The only method of order, short of asking for something from Valik in person, is to use specialized RI-BD droids which are presented as a gift to those Valik believes are worthy of his creations. Once an order is processed Valik gives the user a location to pick-up their order in a week, and commonly uses droids or couriers smart enough not to ask questions to present his products, though depending on the product as well as the user it is not uncommon for Valik to present the product himself.

Current Customers: For the purpose of keeping track of who is and is not allowed to purchase, and thus RP with any of Valik's products I will list an initial list here of contacts Valik would have given a shop too. Thus far this list would include @[member="Ashin Varanin"], @[member="TK-5914 Shank"], @Samanthe Quiwl(@[member="Spencer Jacobs"] because the @ never seems to work for her alt), @[member="Anaya Fen"], @[member="Darth Kyros"], and @[member="Sargon Vynea"]. This list is subject to change as Valik creates new bridges or burns old ones, and whenever the marketplace forum is put up I'll put a list there.

Darth Adekos

Derisive Umbaran

Lookin' good, old sport. Approved on my end.