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Valeria Ilara

Valeria Ilara

She Who Sits Astride The Galaxy

NAME: Valeria Ilara
RANK: Knight
AGE: 29
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 144 lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Fair


  • + Master of the Forge: Valeria is most at home in the heat of fire, surrounded by steel. She can make you any kind of weapon you need - and, with her old Jal Shey training, she knows how to put the Force into it.
  • + Alchemy: Valeria has taken up the arts of Sith Alchemy. She's a keen hand at the forging aspects of Sith Alchemy despite being terrible at poisons and the creation of monsters, able to craft arms, armour and lightsaber crystals with reasonable proficiency.
  • + Dragon-Bonded: Valeria's bound to a mighty Duinoguwuin, Mer'ax'ys - the dragon is eternally loyal to her, and she to it. It is her constant companion and her best friend, and she would never part with him, not in a lifetime. They share a Force Bond and, when together, they are a true force to be reckoned with.
  • - Dragonmarked: The downside to being Force-bonded to a malicious dragon is that they rub off on you. Irrevocably, aspects of Mer'ax'ys' personality shine through in Valeria. Occasionally it is hard to tell where she ends and he begins. Once, perhaps, she was a kind and nurturing woman. Now destruction, conquest, survival instinct and pride are borne in her in equal measure.
  • - Touch of Vertigo: Being the guide and pilot of a Star Dragon requires an innate sensitivity to attitude. Sonics and other sound-based weapons can effect havoc upon her small ear bones, temporarily rendering her unable to balance or ride.
Instead of a ship, Valeria is the master of a star dragon - Mer'ax'ys, Lord of Flame. Twenty metres long and capable of making hyperspace jumps, Mer'ax'ys is truly a mighty beast.

Valeria, born on the planet Kira Prime, was raised to be a proper high-born lady, with correct manners and proper behaviour. However, being Force-sensitive, she was soon found and preyed on, not b the Jedi or Sith, but a malignant Star Dragon, chosen as tribute to the beast's powerful will. Its evil corrupted her, twisting her mind, until they were bonded through the Force. However, the strong-willed Force-sensitive resisted the malignant star dragon and freed herself from its curse, becoming its partner, its equal - and, over time, freeing it from the need to feed.

She wandered to become a Jal Shey, to learn the arts of forging metal, to creating gear and items - especially blades - that were imbued with the Force. Once her sect of Jal Shey collapsed, she found her way to the Je'daii, where balance was more important. Now, she aims to be their greatest forgemaster, the creator of a thousand blades.


Valeria Ilara

She Who Sits Astride The Galaxy
Okay. I hate to do this to you all (actually, I don't), but all the replies to this are being deleted because a) I hate profile clutter, b) IC banter in my profiles and c) I need a second uninterrupted post.