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Baifa Monü Zhuan
TGE-1 Dominion 49 posts
Two Members of the faction may use the dominion as a Development thread for a Cortosis Item.​
Well I had fun on Valen and we as a group need to decide who gets to use the rewards.
I’m a firm advocate to the idea of rewarding hard work. I also understand the strategic importance team work and strengthening areas or individuals. It is in my mind we should keep those things in mind when decided here.

Also this seems like a god place to mention this….

Yokuni has experience with Sith Alchemy. If anyone here would like a development thread to try to get/acquire Sith Alchemy weapons or armor I can help. This is something I should consider with Yokuni as well. It would be hard to hide as a Force user in plain sight by carrying around a lightsaber. A lighting sword augmented by Sith Alchemy would seem more befitting.
Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
Cortosis like, bracers or short blades would be useful for Force Breaker Squads, but they'd need to be minor production.

Otherwise I got no ideas.
Baifa Monü Zhuan
I was there with two characters and I do not think this is a mass producable thing. Two members and the emphasis on Valen was smaller more compact. So two people in the faction get an item. We put in the work for something but not enough to get a ship which would benefit the whole faction. This comes to the individuals that the faction leader thinks had more merit.