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Vale Lok Vetuuk

Vale Lok Vetuuk

Vale Lok Vetuuk

NAME: Vale Lok Vetuuk
SPECIES: Neimoidian
AGE: 30
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'2"
WEIGHT: 125lbs
HAIR: No Hair
SKIN: yellowish-brown coloration


  • Genius
  • Midas Touched
  • Linguist

  • Mysophobia
  • Paranoia
  • General Anxiety

Unlike most Neimoidians who have a molted green coloration to their skin, Vale has a more yellowish-brown coloration. While this is odd for her species, it has at times been attributed to her constant anxiety as well as her mysophobia which has her constantly bathing and keeping her hands coated in hand sanitizer. In actuality it is a result of her up bringing, a lack of nutrients from growing in the mass hatcheries on Neimoidian. It was this lack of nutrients that caused her pigmentation to not fully develop, leaving her with a strange yellowish-brown color, though she is very proud of her skin. This is due in part that she thinks it makes her look more healthy when compared to other Neimoidians, which to her means she will have a better chance at speaking with other species even with the reputation of Neimoidians being diseases carriers and spreaders.

To show her wealth and accomplishments, she wears a variety of makeups, usually a slight purple eyeshadow, coupled with an amaranth pink color of lipstick. This is due in part that she attempts to prevent herself from looking sickly, by using the makeup to make her appear as if it were normal for her. In this way she ensures business is kept going, even if she is sick, as the symptoms often mirror the selection of makeup that she wears.

Further showing her wealth though is her clothing, all of which is covered in flowing colorful patterns and designs. She is fond of wearing colorful flowing robes which keep her frail appearance hidden beneath the many folds. Her colorful hat draws attention away from the rest of her body, bringing the view of others up towards her face, at which point, a pair of specially made contacts catch the observers attention. Much like the Jawas of Tatooine take to wearing gems as a means to protect their eyes from the harsh sun, Vale has taken to wearing a set of gold like contact lens that cover her eyes. Both protecting the red hues from dangerous sun light, and showing the one thing off that she is most proud of, her wealth.

Suffering from mysophobia has caused Vale to develop odd habits over the years, all due in part to her species reputation as disease carriers. This phobia of germs has caused her to take to bathing multiple times a day, usually when she first wakes, and before she goes to bed. Though she will often bath before meeting with other species, and immediately after such an occasion. She has even woken in the middle of the night just to shower and clean herself due to her phobia.

Oddly enough, this phobia has coupled with her anxiety of making a good impression on other species that she is healthy and not sickly. This has lead to a strange copping action in which she will rub her hands together as if she were washing her hands or applying a hand sanitizers. This constant motion has proven time and time again to be a calming affect for Vale, and she can often been seen taking such an action when she is either stressed or worried to the point of fear.

It can be said though that her paranoia stems from her mysophobia and her anxiety, as she often believes that everyone around her is out to get her. Though this can also be explained as being a byproduct of the environment she grew up in, in which all Neimoidians must horde the meager food supplies they are given. Her paranoia has even evolved to the point that she believes that others are trying to get her sick, which has at times caused her to demand that a meeting location and those she is meeting with be decontaminated before she even step foot into the room.

Like all Neimoidians though she sticks to the reputation that they have been given throughout the galaxy. She is greedy to say the least, hording all of her credits for herself, and not sharing them with any other family member, even to the point that she carefully considers every project her company is expected to invest in, before she will even given the go ahead for her credits to be spent. Though she is also cowardly to the point that she flinches when ever a being shouts or raises a hand in anger. This has lead to her developing security droids to keep her safe while she shrinks away from any conflict.

As all Neimoidians are, so to did she begin her life in one of the many state run mass communal grub-hatcheries that dot the surface of Neimoidia. Her life began in one of the largest grub-hatcheries on Neimoidia, the Koto-Si hatchery, which was named after and located near the city Koto-Si which served as the Capital of the planet Neimoidia. She was birthed as the seventeenth out of forty-two in her brood that was birthed by the Koto-Si hive mother. By the end of the seven years spent in the hatchery only seventeen including herself would leave.

Her early years were spent in the Koto-Si grub-hatchery, where she was introduced to the Neimoidian way of life. Being given barely any form of food at all, she would be forced to horde it, just like others born before her had been forced to do. It was during this early age that she first realized her own weakness, and used this knowledge to ensure her survival.

Carefully reading the others of her brood, she quickly and efficiently found which fellow brood members were strong and which were weak. Using her knowledge as her tools of survival she began to orchestrate that survival. Careful planning and small drops of information saw to it that her own rations remained safe. Often she would pit the larger and stronger Neimoidians of her brood against the weaker ones. In this tactic, a distraction, she would sneak food away from the others hordes and add it to her own.

Each day was a battle for survival, and as they slowly turned into months and years, she spent every waking hour fearful of dying in the hatchery like so many others that she had either sent to their own, or watched die. Her intelligence though would always be the saving grace that kept her from death. When it became clear that one of the stronger Neimoidians was becoming too strong, greedy and paranoid, she set in motion a masterful plan. Speaking with groups of the weaker members in her brood, she managed to talk them into attacking in mass, the stronger Neimoidian. The plan worked, though it cost the lives of a handful of the weaker Neimoidians, it also saw more food added to her own horde, which she had managed to keep protected.

In the end she was one of only a few to survive the hatchery. Out of the seventeen survivors of her brood, only a small handful were still healthy enough to leave the planet, which she immediately did, using her horde of food to bribe a small Neimoidian trade crew to take her on their vessel. The remaining members of her brood either managed to leave Neimoidia or they ended up sequestered, forced to tend to vast insect hives, fungus farms, and beetle hatcheries. Though she never really did care to find out what had happened to those surviving members of her brood.






Vale Lok Vetuuk

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