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VADEV-722 (Vyperion Assassin Droid: Eradicator Version)


  • Manufacturer: BioNet Systems (asking now)
  • Model: Multi-purpose Guardian Droid
  • Production: Semi-Unique (Only A Handful of Characters)
  • Affiliation: Open Market
  • Modularity: Yes, the droid can be modified in almost any way you can think of for a humanoid droid.
  • Material: Durasteel and Desh
  • Classification: First Degree, Third Degree, and Fourth Degree
  • Weight: Between 100 and 200 pounds
  • Height: Between 1.5m and 2m.
  • Movement: Repulsorlift, Bipedal
  • Armaments: Variable (made with no weapons unless requested.)
  • Misc. Equipment: Heat sensors, Jetpack with two thrusters, and a Force field generator.
  • Modular
  • Easier to produce than it's precursor
  • Back mounted jetpack
Modular - The Vyperion Assassin Droid: Eradicator Version can be made with almost any sort of weapon capability imaginable.
Easier to produce - The Vyperion Assassin Droid: Eradicator Version is made of more common materials than the original.
Able to fly - This droid model has a jetpack built in.

  • Variable in appearance.
  • Able to have almost any gun or handheld weapon added to it.
  • Resistant to EMPs
Weaknesses :
  • Unlike the Vyperion Assassin Droid, it is not lightsaber resistant.
  • The base droid has no weaponry by default.
  • Memories "fade" as the chip perseveres (in other words, it slowly loses individuality.)

The Vyperion Assassin Droid: Eradicator Version is a total update to the Vyperion Assassin Droid model made years ago, and it seems to be more cons than pros for this. The Eradicator Version has an extremely variable appearance in terms of what can and can't be done about it, and while it has the ability to wield nigh any handheld gun, it has to have weapons requested to be added, unlike the originals where the updates did so for the makers. Test runs have found that under extreme conditions, the memory chip seems to degrade slowly and the droid itself is no longer made of Songsteel, while cheaper to make, it is not lightsaber resistant.

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