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Using a Weapon

[SIZE=12pt]Location: Kashyyyk[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]Time: 13:47[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]Objective: Retrieve the Holocron[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Adron and Faeri had landed on Kashyyyk only a few hours ago, and thus far their search for the Holocron had been less than fruitful. They had attempted to appeal to the natives of the planets, the Wookies, to ascertain where the damned thing might be. Of course the gargantuan beasts were less concerned with Adron’s line of Inquisition and more pressed on the fact that the man had breached their borders. The results of the minor argument was the three corpses that laid before him. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]His eyes closed in frustration he deactivated his purple blade, stowing it on his waist before he glanced over to Faeri. He had elected to bring the girl along, feeling her savage instincts would give Adron an upper hand on the planet. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]“Savage things.” He declared, before his eyes turned back to the towering mesh of trees and fauna that was laid out before them. Reaching to the sky, they were so dwarfed by the trees as they stood on the jungle floor. Not far from the pit of darkness and hellish life the Wookies named The Shadow Lands, the sun was beginning to fade far from sight, and a thick night-like shadow was cast over them. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]“The item we're searching for is called a Holocron. An invaluable artifact that holds the teachings of past Masters of the Force. I need it to better train you and test your potential.” Partial truths were becoming as constant as food and water for the Dark Jedi. He had learned over his days descending in darkness to only divulge as much information as needed, and not any more. After claiming the Holocron of Count Dooku on Serenno, the Count was eager to increase his stock, but why? And how was he finding these artifacts so easily? [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Stepping over the Wookie corpses, Adron spoke plainly as they negotiated the terrain before them. “The Shadowlands are shrouded in the Dark Side. It distorts your ability to find specific signatures and it can be overwhelming. As we grow closer keep your mind focused, or you could lose yourself to the beast within you.” He warned. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]“I have no use for a beast.”[/SIZE]
Location: Kashyyyk
Objective: Stop those intruding on the planet

[SIZE=10pt]For the past few weeks, Aten had been living among the Wookies providing aid where he could, over the recent years the planet had suffered more than its fair share of trials and tribulations. Whether it be from Sith coming down to the planet bringing bloodshed or from when the forests were set alight. It was a planet whose people had suffered. Since the moment he had stepped foot on the planet Aten had felt the pain of its people. At first, they were slightly unwelcoming of the Jedi but soon enough after Aten had proved himself they’d welcomed him. It had been three nights prior where a vision came to Aten when it had come it was sudden and left him with goosebumps. What he had seen were mere flashes of images but even then, they stood out in his mind, forever etched upon his memories. A tall individual that the darkness clung to tendrils of the dark energy reaching out to claim all around it, that threatened those who came near. A scarred individual, one that wasn’t natural, who’s very existence was a perversion of the force. The final image, a crimson pyramid that bathed the surrounding area in its vibrant glow. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]That’s what brought Aten to where he was now, riding down one of the lifts that the visitors to the planet used to traverse the higher and lower levels of the forest. The further down he went the colder the air became; the darkness became thick and Aten felt its grasp reaching out attempting to claim him. Reciting the first line of the Jedi code Aten focused his mind in an attempt to push the darkness out of his mind. “There is no emotion, there is peace.” Five times he repeated himself centering himself in the flowing current that was the force. The three wookies that stood behind Aten in the lift were there to ensure that he had an escape once he had retrieved whatever the object was that he’d seen. The lift rocked to and fro one last time as they came to a halt in the darkness. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Not even the sunlight from above could penetrate this deep into the forest planet, Aten’s eyes strained against the darkness before adjusting themselves slightly, even then it wasn’t enough. Pulling out a chemstick, Aten bent the tube and with a slightly audible crack, it came to life casting a violet glow a few feet in each direction of Aten. “I am with the force, and the force is with me.” With a final breath, Aten set out.[/SIZE]

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[member="Aten Ramses"] [member="Adron Malvern"]

Faeri enjoyed this trip, this planet reminded her in a strange way of her homeworld Dathomir. She did not miss the massive swamp that was Dathomir, yet her primal instincts were heightened in such a wilderness as this. The wookiees though were something else, massive bulky ape-like creatures that could easily overpower even her, yet there were no match for Adron and it made her admire him even more. Seeing the wookiees dead before her had reminded her just how badly she needed to feed, but pushed the sensation back to nothing more than an aching feeling in the back of her skull.

Her eyes followed the dangerous glowing blade's hilt to his waist. She'd then look up at him and raise her eyebrows, expecting a command or a request. Yet her shoulders droop a little as he simply insults the corpses. She found them oddly noble, perhaps appreciating their bestial nature. Nudging one of them with her foot to make sure its dead, Faeri would huff a sigh.

She could feel the scar on this world, a twisted seething power that haunted some dark recess of its landscape. Yet her thoughts were interrupted as Adron finally told her why they were on this jungle world. A holocron, to help train her. It seemed so simple and picturesque yet Faeri knew it would be far more difficult than it seemed. "How exactly are these teachings recorded? Is it different than a book?" she couldn't help her curiosity, it was one of the few things she retained from her previous existence before the nightmares.

Ah, that dark scar she detected was this 'Shadowlands'.. a menacing name that would make the Nighsisters proud. It seemed incredibly dangerous, and she would give a quick nod, assuring Adron that she would keep herself under control.
[SIZE=12pt]Adron shifted through a thick brush, glancing back to Faeri as she asked about the Holocrons. He admitted, he did not know everything about Holocrons, in fact one reason he is searching for them is because he wants to find one with the knowledge to create his own. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]“Holocrons are a lot like datapads.” He said, pulling his own datapad from his waist, holding it in the air so Faeri could get a good look. “But it's not that simple. Anyone can access a datapad. Holocrons can only be unlocked by Force users. They can store nearly endless information and are pretty small.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]The darkness of the forest grew thick, as if it had turned to night in a matter of minutes. Adron noticed it was colder here, the Dark Side of the Force surrounded him and for a moment he took a deep inhale. He could sense the Shadowlands in their full capacity and it was staggering. There was a terrible cry in the Force here, almost as if the entire area was in a constant pain, one that fed the Dark Side well. Exhaling, Adron reached back, grabbing Faeri’s shoulder and pulling her in front of him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]“Come here.” He commanded, speaking softly as he called on The Dark Side of the Force. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]“Look deep inside of you. You're hungry aren't you? Eat. Eat from the darkness, the cold, it can sustain you if you allow it to. But remember what I told you, focus or you will be destroyed by the power that is here.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Releasing her, he passed by, making his way to the center of the shadowlands. At this point he was purely following The Force, listening to the center of it's cries. Even for him, it sent a chill up his spine, he used the Dark Side as a tool, but this was more than he could imagine. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]“A force Nexus…” He mused, glancing back to Faeri. “Sometimes there are areas like this where the Dark Side flows freely. Here your powers are amplified and the light is muffled.” He continued to negotiated the difficult terrain, a hand hovering over his lightsaber as he walked. [/SIZE]
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With each step that Aten took into the Shadowlands, he felt his very being growing colder, what had started as just a minor chill was now a deep-seated one that reached to the very core of Aten. It shook him, his arms were covered in goosebumps and his breath visible. The inky blackness around him seemed to almost shift teasingly, haunting the young Jedi. Or perhaps warning him away from the path he had chosen. Every baser instinct in Aten told him to turn around and return from whence he came, that whatever happened in the Shadowlands was none of his business. Though deeper within Aten was that burning pride and ambition, the one to do what was right and to complete ones’ own duty. This could be his chance to stop the Darkside from getting yet another leg up on the Light.

Closing his eyes for a heartbeat Aten delved back into his memory, back to the dream. In the dream he could see clearly despite the darkness of the Shadowlands and he would use that to guide him. As he opened his eyes he attempted to take every minuscule detail from the vision and layer it over the surrounding woods. None of it was familiar causing the Jedi to simply sigh. Everything in the Shadowlands looked the same, Aten wasn’t even sure that he wasn’t walking in circles. No landmarks, villages, or even torches to light the way. Just darkness and trees in all directions. Though something floated to the youth's ears. Voices… Slinking into the nearby bushes and discarding the chemstick Aten hid listening to the words as they passed. Glancing through the gaps in the underbrush he was able to see two figures, their forms shrouded in the darkness but even if they hadn’t been Aten would’ve noticed them. Time seemed to come to a standstill as he looked upon the forms, not their physical ones but the ones they projected with the force. One a being that was a perversion of everything the force stood for, and another that was far darker, filled with contempt and rage. Staying silent Aten attempted to move through the underbrush to follow their movements.

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Faeri stared up at him as he instructed her to feed from the darkness.. how does one eat something that is not physical? She was nervous, perhaps too nervous, the darkness itching at the back of her mind, trying to drag her into insanity. Yet she resisted, she resisted with every fiber of her being as she would follow her master deeper into this dark place.

It made her uncomfortable, uneasy, nervous. This forest with its lack of light and will to eat you alive was slowly getting to her. With every break of a twig or chattering of some far off creature, she would give a short jump. Her fear was something she would always struggle with, and even now she was trying to suppress it in fear of what Adron may do to punish her.

She was still unsure of what a holocron was but then again, she was still trying to fully comprehend the scope and power of the force. How was she supposed to understand something if she did not understand its maker or power source? It was all very interesting, and she dwelled quietly on it to still her mind from wandering to the darkness that surrounded her.

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The tension that crept from Faeri caused Adron to pause. He could sense the girl's unease and realized it was natural. Of course he had no intentions of comforting her or calming her, so he decided to take the time to explain The Force a bit more.

"You know that all life is connected through the Force, but you do not know how." He began, trekking through the shadows of the forest with a certain stride. "The answer is simple. I don't know how much you know about science, so I'll try to keep it simple. There are small, microscopic lifeforms in each and every living thing in the galaxy." He said, holding two of his fingers together to emphasize the size of the lifeforms. "They are known as Midi-chlorians. They are extremely intelligent and hold a direct tie to The Force. Every individual in the galaxy has them, every plant, animal, and insect. However, some people have more than others and the more one has the better chance they have in controlling the invisible energy fields that surround us, The Force."

"Do you have any questions?" Adron asked, yet his steps drew hollow as he glanced back to Faeri. For a moment he looked around, an expression of confusion plagued over his face. His eyes scanned their surrounding, yet through the Force he would reach out and drink in his surroundings. Something was out there, something sentient and something that did not belong in these hellish shadowlands.

Narrowing his eyes, Adron turned back to the center of the Shadowlands, making his way with a paced movement. "We must hurry." He stated, his pace increasing.

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Concealed in the undergrowth Aten remained shrouded and peaking out through what few gaps there were, he could see that the two he had been following had come to a stop. Their progress halted as the younger individual appeared to be incredibly jumpy, as though she was fearful of the forest around her. With what Aten had heard of Kashyyyk he couldn’t blame the girl, he too was fearful of some of the creatures that lay within the Shadowlands. There were numerous dangerous creatures that could bring a swift end to any that weren’t prepared. Even then survival wasn’t a guarantee. Was the woman perhaps behind held captive? A victim of the more threatening individual? Aten was about to act until the older gentlemen went into a speech about the force.

From what Aten had been taught and told the individual seemed to be correct in his assessment and statements of the force, yet he seemed to not look upon it as a gift that he could utilize and control that invisible field of energy. Instead, it seemed like the individual was stating it existed then his head began to move. Those cold eyes scanned the bushes that Aten shrouded himself in, and for a second Aten thought he’d been spotted but the couple began walking once again. Though this time far more rushed. Moving behind them at a medium pace to try and remain concealed Aten wondered just what the object they were looking for had to do with them? Was it something to increase their power? Was that young female an apprentice to the other? That was the only reason one would give a lesson on such a subject. Had she been forced to become his apprentice? Too many questions and not enough answers sprang unbidden to Aten’s mind. For now, he would focus on what he was here to do and if he was lucky the two
before him would lead him directly to what they were looking for.

So lost in thought Aten ended up stepping on a twig at his feet and an audible crack penetrated the air. Teeth gritting and eye twitching Aten looked up coming to a stop hoping that he hadn’t been heard. Though knowing his luck…

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Faeri would listen quietly, her eyebrows furrowing at this complicated explanation and science. As he finishes his brief summary, she glances down at her skin... trying to understand how such small beings can be so intelligent and so powerful. Nothing was like she understood before leaving Dathomir. The universe was becoming more and more complicated since her time with Adron and it was difficult to keep up. Yet she continued to mull this over in her mind.

"I.. Don't think so." she would answer him unsurely, staring down at the ground in quiet contemplation. She was trying to ignore the gnawing in the back of her mind, the desire to feed and to just 'let loose' and become the monster she could be. She would huff and glance around, trying to not think about it more.

Suddenly he spoke and began to move faster. This worried her. She wasn't sure if he was nervous, scared, or simply in a hurry. Yet she followed along, jogging to keep up with him.

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Adron's advancement was halted when the sound echoed out through the jungle. There was a moment of pause as he turned back to his apprentice, arching a brow at her silently before his blue orbs scanned the area before him. The shadows of Kashyyyk hid the scene well, along with the warping sense the Shadowlands gave off it was enough to cause the man to doubt his senses. Silence fell over the man as he stalked past Faeri, never taking his eyes off the eerily silent display of The Shadowlands. In the end, it was that sliver of gold that gave his stalker away. In the shaded scenery it stuck out in a very noticeable fashion.

There was a deep exhale before Adron crossed his arms over his chest. "You're hiding needs a bit of work, come out and stop wasting my time." Adron commanded, his eyes closing for a moment, yet when they opened once again they peered directly at the young Jedi who had failed to hide from him.

The cloak that flew over the man's shoulder was pushed to the side, allowing the man to take the hilt of his lightsaber into his hand, He was unsure of what was held before him, yet he knew it could prove to be a danger to him, so there would be no toying with caution this time. Only a few moments passed before the darkness of The Shadowlands was interrupted, the snap-hiss of a lightsaber echoing through out the jungle as Adron's violet blade sprang to life. "Now." He reinforced.

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Sighing Aten knew the jig was up, for a bit he thought he’d managed to avoid the detection of the Sith but right now their eyes were meeting, the Sith staring at exactly where Aten was located. If the jedi wished to roll the dice he could say nothing and wait to see what happens but this individual seemed to be more than willing to jump straight to violence. Considering this was potentially a Sith, Aten didn’t want to risk him setting the forest alight with lightning. As he stepped out Aten used the bushes to cover what he was doing. Sliding the saber hilt onto a belt loop out of view of the individual Aten stepped out hands raised slightly.

Twigs stuck out of the Jedi’s hair as though a bird had begun the process of making a nest making Aten’s appearance somewhat comical. “Don’t act like you knew I was here the entire time, I saw you speeding up. My mistake was trying to keep up.” The smug arrogance of youth, something that Aten hadn’t truly learned to rid himself of. Stopping a few meters from the Sith and the young girl at his side Aten sniffed the air, a stench turning his stomach. The scent of scorched flesh and fur, one that you simply couldn’t rid yourself of and that clung to clothes. Teeth gritting the realization of the atrocities that had passed filled Aten’s mind. “Killed some Wookies to get down here? You could’ve simply snuck down here, there was never a need to take life.” Eyes narrowing Aten’s hands lowered staying at his sides his right fist clenching and releasing.

“Why are you down here? It's not every day one of your kind come to Kashyyyk unless they’re attempting to burn it to the ground.” The chances of the Sith telling Aten his plans were low, though the possibility of him attacking were high. Aten’s knees bent slightly as he prepared himself to dodge a potential attack.

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