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Ursula Toher

Priscilla Utorna

~lacking empathy~
Occupation: Fel Armed Forces, Major
Affiliation: The Fel Empire

Homeworld: Osseriton
Species: Human
Race: Human

Relationship status: Single
Martial Status: Widow
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Galactic Basic: Fluent

Weight: 170lb
Height: 1.81m
Age: 54
Sex: Female
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Dark brown, greying at roots
Complexion: Faded tan
Noticeable marks: N/A

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Background: Indoctrinated Child
Goal: Bring glory to the Empire

Voice sample: The Village Elder, Fallout 2

Ursula's hair is dark brown in colour, though the watchful eye could probably pick out a few grey hairs and even greying at the root of most follicles. Her favorite garment is made of leather and has two tusks poking out just at her shoulders. While usually closed, by force of habit, you might not spot her jade green eyes. Just around her mouth there are some obvious crow's feet appearing from years of laughter, along with some wrinkling just below her eyes.

Ursula is optimistic to say the least. It is an uncommon occurrence to see her without a smile on her face, and if this feature is missing you can probably count on the fact that she's infuriated.

Force sensitivity: Yes - Untrained and Unknown

Force skills:

Force Pull: [::::::::]
Force Push: [::::::::]
Force Telekinesis: [::::::::]
Force Leap: [::::::::]
Force Speed: [::::::::]
Force Strength: [::::::::]
Force heal: [::::::::]
Electric Judgement [::::::::]
Mind trick: [::::::::]


Biography (Pre-Roleplay):
"Hmm" Glancing to the embedded Iron Insignia in her residence. It stood out to her, not only because of its jarring nature compared to the rest of the room, being made of iron instead of Ursula's patented natural wood, save for the linen on her bed sheets. She was kneeling. Focusing on the cool air. The streak of light that peered through a small circular hole in the soft wall.

"I prefer not to think about what could be, or what could've been, but what is happening right now." nodding "Yes..." though that was her attempt at reversing the process of reminiscing. All of those palpable regrets, ached at her tired heart every time she strained, moved or simply tried a temporal shift to start it all over again. What could have been if she hadn't enlisted in the millitary? What could of been if she stayed in contact with her parents? What could have been if she didn't sit in solitude every night, wondering what the time was and why she was always lost in a world she had always been familiar with.

She didn't think like that often. Instead, she moved to play a crossword, the only thing that distracted her.


Strengths and weaknesses:

[+] - Optimistic
[+] - Calm
[+/-] Ignorance is bliss
[+/-] Ambitious
[-] - Superiority complex
[-] - Aged