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Updates to Policy

Qae Shena

Super Shaper Puppy!
Just a minor change that is somewhat belated:

The Sith Empire has been added to the list of non-permitted factions. This is due primarily to Moridin's attack on the Fleet that, essentially, splintered it to pieces. It makes zero logical sense to permit his cohorts into the Fleet as a result of this.

As I understand, this impacts a very small percentage of our membership. You have my apologies for having to make this choice, but the Vagrant Fleet is driven entirely by the in-character effects of other factions and this is an action that simply cannot be overlooked. Just as the other groups will have, should you choose not to stay with the Fleet, you'll have a soft mind-wipe to erase the minimal parts of the Fleet's knowledge that would need to be erased in order to protect the Fleet's secrets.

Other than that, have a great day! :)