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Unit - Deniable Operations Group (DOG)

Ari Vox

I thought this was America, huh?!


Intent: The creation of a unit similar to the CIA's Special Activities Division/Special Operations Group for use by The Rebel Alliance.
Image Credit: Image 1 - Image 2
Role: A Division of the Intelligence Community of The Rebel Alliance, devoted to covert operations.
Links: The Rebel Alliance, Order of Command: Ari Vox, Noah Corek, Ras Val'Kor


Unit Name: The Deniable Operations Group - DOG
Affiliation: The Rebel Alliance, Ari Vox
Classification: Paramilitary

Availability: Unique
Deployment: Limited
Strengths & Weaknesses:

[v] Infiltration
  • With their operators coming mostly from Special Forces backgrounds, DOGs are some of the most capable warriors the Alliance has to field and ply their trades in a number of ways. One of the most obvious is their ability to infiltrate seamlessly with the use of deep cover alias', and disguise their intent until the moment to strike is ripe.
[v] Deniable
  • Considered to be some of the most classified files contained by the Alliance, the group's identities are sealed and dismissed allowing their discovery in enemy-held territory to be denied by the Alliance themselves. No DOG operation is officially sanctioned, therefore keeping the Alliance's metaphorical hands clean from responsibility.
[v] Wolves
  • Drawing on the most sophisticated weapons and personnel the Alliance has at its disposal, these men and women are literal wolves on the battlefield, fighting as a pack and tearing apart their targets with a fervent intensity rivalling anything seen on the battlefields in the past.
[x] Scant
  • Due to the highly dangerous and confidential nature of the tasks DOG undertakes, it's member base is considerably smaller than regular fighting units. Even when deployed on missions their numbers rarely surpass ten or so operators on a single planet.
[x] Abandoned
  • Owing to the fact that the Alliance must be capable of denying culpability in any DOG operation, the unit is not afforded any sort of supply train meaning that what they can smuggle onto a planet is the extent of what they're given reign of. This forces the DOG to scavenge for supplies, weaponry, and equipment in order to achieve their greater missions and objectives.
[x] Hit And Run
  • Given their limited supplies, small unit size, and lack of supply train, the DOGs are forced in almost all situations to fight and retreat, never capable of standing toe-to-toe against mobilized QRFs nor well-executed counter-attacks.
[x] Tanks Galore
  • Owing to their inability to carry heavy weapons with them, the DOGs are reliant upon their disruptors for anti-armour capabilities - a weapon only one member of a regular five-person team carries. Anything beyond the ability of that single operator and the DOGs are out of luck, often resulting in botched raids or premature retreats.

The Rebel Alliance's Deniable Operations Group (henceforth referred to as DOG) was a joint venture created by Ari Vox, Noah Corek, and Ras Val'Kor, to provide the Alliance with the means for direct kinetic attacks in a guerilla warfare theatre. Designed to complement the simultaneously formed 1st Unconventional Warfare Unit, DOG takes its place behind the shadowy frontlines of the UWU's battlegrounds by completely removing any semblance of support from their operations. Utilizing any means necessary they infiltrate enemy-held territory for the express purposes of sabotage and infiltration, engaging sporadically in high-profile target captures and assassinations.

Theoretically, the DOG operates completely self-sufficiently, embedding itself within a population weeks or months before operations begin, leaving their members nothing more than their deep cover alias' and occasionally a specific time to meet. Weapons and equipment they cannot smuggle into the theatre are simply stolen from enemy units, and their sabotages wreak havoc while their counterparts in the UWU train local fighters for the coming battles.

At the advent of open hostilities, DOG units will awaken like deeply embedded sleeper cells and stage daring attacks against vital infrastructure, military positions, and even politically significant areas. However, with the degree of danger inherent and the risk of discovery always a possibility, DOG units are necessarily small and mobile, often not more than ten people in a single cell, arranged into two teams of five operators. Based on their size and total lack of supply train they are next to useless in conventional warfare, committed almost completely to sheer surprise and violence of action to overcome their foes and seize their objectives.


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