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Umaxu's Unque Droids


Rogue Magnaguard
Corporation Name: U.U.D
Headquarters: Formos
Locations: NO
Rationale: It was created.
Tier: was a Tier 2

Description: U.U.D is a Droid manufacturing company. The sole thing they did was create Droids. They only had 3 known models of droids ready for shipment before the disaster. The disaster is what ruined the company. It was ran by a rich man and his wife. They recently got a new worker. The new worker was a spy. During the night he jammed the assembly line. In the morning when this all started up, It jammed and overheated the generator running the place. It exploded, Ruining the company. One shipment that was prepped the day before. The ship's communication with the factory cut out, and then called the owner. The owner would not pick up. The ship was raided by Pirates. That is all that was recorded of this company.