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Ulfheonar Empire Interest Check

Chupa La'Roi

So you've probably heard something or other about The Ulfheonar Empire faction that Syn and I are working on. Not only is it planned to have a Norse aesthetic with its political and economic structuring, but it IS a pirate faction and there WILL be raids on other factions. Some people call it "Skyrim in Star Wars", and they're not really that wrong. I just didn't originally attempt to do that when I made it. :D

Our faction advertisement lists our goals, our ranks, and our development, and as we work on the faction's aspects we will update the ad itself. We also have more specific long-term goals in the works, specifically a working alliance with other "pirate" factions in the galaxy.

So if you're interested, contact me or Syn, or just go ahead and join the faction in the Factions page (which I have hyper-linked here for your courtesy)!