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U-Wing Gunship (U-100G)

  • Manufacturer: Incom
  • Model: U-Wing Gunship (U-100G)
  • Affiliation: Galactic Alliance
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Durasteel hull
  • Classification: Gunship
  • Length: 25m
  • Width: 4m
  • Height: 4m
  • Armament: High
  • 2 Laser Cannons
    2 Twin Laser Cannon Turrets
    3 Proton Torpedo launchers (6 each)
  • Defenses: High
  • Squadron Count: 8
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low
  • Speed Rating: Very Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: 1
  • Heavy support: This variant of the U-Wing is focussed on providing support against heavy targets. It’s range of armaments can engage enemy fighters, armor, and ground troopers.
  • Slim profile: This U-Wing has a compact space for the gunners and pilot, but this also gives the vessel a narrow profile/target from the front and side.
  • Sluggish: Compared to the troop transport this version pushes a lot more power to weaponry. It also lacks the sweeping wings. It is not designed to attack capital ships, but to ward off enemy fighters and ground based targets.
This U-Wing has a much slimmer profile than the transport shuttle. There is room for one pilot and two gunners. This gunship model is focused on directly engaging starfighters and providing heavy fire support to ground troops. Powerful shields allow this craft to take on enemy starfighters head on with turret fire and torpedoes.

This model of U-Wing lacks the maneuverability of its cousin but is still easy to pilot at low velocity within atmosphere. This allows it to come in low and strike ground targets or to provide close air support to troops. Light armor can be dealt with using turret fire, but torpedoes may be required against very heavy walkers or ground installations.

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