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Approved Tech Tyrfing

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Artist:It's a picture of a real sword...i...i dont quite know what to do here.
Intent: To create a weapon suited more to Diana's fighting style and in keeping with her own motif.

Development Thread:

Manufacturer: Diana Moridena


Affiliation: Diana Moridena

Modularity: None

Production: Unique

Material: Songsteel

Description: This blade was forged by Diana herself to counteract certain things she had experienced in fights. First and foremost she realized that the skill known as Tutanimis was entirely too dangerous when it came to a bladesemen like herself, she had encountered several Master force users who had the ability to completely drain and render her lightsabers useless.
So to counteract this Diana decided to grab a real blade, knowing herself however she had settled for only the finest. For days on end she had researched the best blades ever used by the Jedi order, and after some time had landed on the material of songsteel. She had sought out the weapon Master of the order and under careful tutelage and instruction forged her own Songsteel blade.
Tyrfing came out a masterwork, infused with the force and wrought with a perfect sheen. The blade itself was extremely sharp and gave off a soft silvery glow. It was force infused making it the exact opposite of a Sith Sword, it was a passive blade that called to the light instead of the dark. It focused Diana's lightside aura and called out to those who would do good. This weapon makes Diana more powerful in the force, in focuses her aura and allows her to move more swiftly. Tyrfing best of all is a focus for the Force Ability known as Force Light. Diana is able to focus the ability through the blade and "cut" using Force light, doing exponentially more damage to darksiders than it normally would and extinguishing most darkside techniques. The Sword was almost impossibly light and well balanced, the idea dueling weapon.
Classification: Sword

Size: Hand and a half

Length: 36'' Blade

Weight: .5 kg

Other Features: Being made of Songsteel this blade is resistant to lightsabers, extremely sharp, and lightweight.
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Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
Blade is about a kilo lighter than normal blades, but songsteel is noted to be 'extrodinarily light', so I'm cool with it, and a .5 kilo blade doesn't scream POWAH GAMAH to me. Approved.
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