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Character Tyrannis / darth callius


Tyrranis/ Darth calius


NAME: Darth calius / tyrranis

FACTION: N/A for now

RANK: sith lord, crime boss

SPECIES: Sith pureblood, sangnir highblood

AGE: 'mid thirties' 4,058

SEX: male

HEIGHT: 6' 5"

WEIGHT: 220 lb

EYES: sith eyes

HAIR: black

SKIN: red

FORCE SENSITIVE: yes (highly)

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+ strong force connection
+sangnir strength
+war form
+master of sith teachings

  • need to drink blood
  • Arrogance

Tyrranis stands at 6 foot 5 inches usually wearing black clothes over his heavily tattooed body. With long black hair and piercing sith eyes and lean Physique.

Tyrranis demonstrated a powerful force connection at a young age able to move fully sized Star fighter at the age of 8 with minimal training. Getting intense and rutheless training from then on getting regular beatings and tattooing to entrench the rage and pain to fuel his darkside powers. And to make him the best sith possible to deal with the republic and the jedi before the sith where permanently dealt with and tyrranis dealt with finding new purpose besides dealing with the ancient jedi and republic.

While traveling the galaxy he ran into a troop of sangnir which he fought and killed most of them but the last offered him suedo immortality. Which tyrranis accepted then killed the remaining sangnir without remorse while he continued traveling finding sith knowledge and holocron's and keeping them safe from others hands as he studied them and ingrained its knowledge. Into himself and into his own holocron while placing knowledge tactfully where future sith could find it and study it to restart the order but then noticing it change to something foreign to him. Staying in isolation and amassing power through secrecy he stayed away from the galaxies eye to amas the power he has currently but keeping a careful eye for any promising apprentices and confidants to share his vision.

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