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Approved NPC Typhon Dlukav, The Heart of Noxis

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Lord of Conquest
  • Intent: To elaborate on the Koignalteth's deity and creator
  • Image Credit: (X)
  • Role: He is the true master of Lorale Farmar and the creator of the Koignalteth, seeking to aid his children in reclaiming their place amongst the stars. However, without the usage of his avatar, Lorale, he is forced to remain deep under the crust of Noxis, making him more of a chairbound king than a battlefield commander.
  • Permissions: (X)
  • Links: Koignalteth; Noxis
  • Age: Unknown Millennia
  • Force Sensitivity: Master
  • Species: Force Entity (Current); Original Species Unknown
  • Appearance: A monolithic being of corrupted organic material and Force Energy, what was once Typhon Dlukav has become something much more horrific and eldrich. Twisted and malformed, the Heart of Noxis bears two legs fused with an outer layer of molted rock and stone, and four corrupted arms ending in perpetually bloodied paws, the bottom left normally clutching the gold-dipped skull of any and all Koignalteth Apostatious. His grotesque, furred, and rotting chest also bears some unique features, appearing to be adorned, or rather pierced by four featureless gold buttons. Alongside this is a large blue symbol of an eye encircled by runes, which can also be seen inscribed on his top arms.

    Most noticeably, however, are his two wolf-like heads, one under his diaphragm and constantly held up by his lower right arm, and one atop his shoulders, its mouth almost always open to reveal a second jaw lined with razor-sharp teeth and a bloodied human-skull within. Interestingly, Typhon's heads are also adorned with the same symbol as seen on his chest, with his eyes acting as the center of the circle of runes.
  • Name: Typhon Dlukav
  • Loyalties: Koignalteth, The Order Ascendant, Noxis (Appearances) | Himself (True Loyalties)
  • Wealth: Wealthy - Owns all of Noxis and the creations forged upon it, including but not limited to: Koignalteth, Ols, and the Mehv Esiils.
  • Notable Possessions: The planet Noxis and all related species.
  • Skills: Force Mastery, Planetary Control
  • Personality: As an enigma in the Force that only a handful of people have conversed with for an extended period of time, Typhon Dlukav's main presentation to the Galaxy is through Lorale Farmar who acts as his avatar of conquest. This inadvertently, but unsurprisingly, results in most who hear of the Heart of Noxis and his "control" over Lorale to believe that the Heart and Lorale are either one and the same, or very similar at the very least.

    Of course, this could not be further from the truth. While Lorale does indeed serve as his avatar, the Heart of Noxis does not hold the same level of bloodlust or zealous desire for a Galactic regime of Order as the Sith Lord. Instead, he possesses a much more subdued tier of emotions, acting very friendly and supportive, only showcasing his godly wrath and corruption when the situation calls for it, usually during the execution of an Apostatious or when he assumes direct control over his avatar in times of dire strife and conflict.
  • Voice: (X)
  • Weapon of Choice: The Force (Current); The Wolfblade (Past)
  • Combat Function: Avoids any and all combat due to his imprisonment upon Noxis and physical weakness. Thus, he utilizes his creations for such requirements, namely his avatar Lorale Farmar. However, if he were to enter combat, he would rely solely on the Force.
  • Force Entity: Following his extensive spiritual melding with the planet of Noxis, Typhon has become more entity than organic being, given shape by the Force itself rather than tissue and bone. As such, he is highly resistant to most forms of physical damage not imbued with the Force, meaning that standard blasters, vibroswords, and even lightsabers have difficulty effecting him.
  • Force Mastery: In conjunction with his existence as a Force Entity, Typhon has immense mastery over the Force and is extremely proficient in most applications of it, especially in Alter and Control with which he dominates his planet and legions with impunity.
  • Planetary Control: Typhon has complete control over the environment of Noxis, even the parts of which his subjects avoid. This control enables him to alter whatever he desires on his planet, from the landscape to the creatures roaming its plains. Naturally, this can and has deterred invasions from outside forces, although it is becoming painfully obvious to the wiser of the Koignalteth that he is becoming increasingly apathetic about any and all matters related to anything but his chosen Avatar, as the planet has adopted an increasing number of insane raiders and bandits roaming the landscape.
  • Legions before Him: Typhon holds utter command over billions of soldiers, from those upon Noxis to those who follow the Koignalteth leadership. While he interacts with almost none of them, he sways the paths they take for war and conquering.
  • Imprisonment upon Noxis: Due to the strong Nexus effects of the planet, Typhon has found himself unable to leave Noxis lest he crumble away from existence, much like the Koignalteth. Therefore, his is unable to directly interact with the Galaxy at large, forced to use his followers to do his bidding.
  • Noxis Itself: In spite of his planetary control over the physical environment and species upon the lands, Noxis is still a very potent Force Nexus with shifting tides and a level of implied semi-sentience. As such, Typhon is always at the mercy of the planet's leanings that could, theoretically, erase his power if such conditions are met.
  • The Force: While he holds a great mastery over the Force and is, in essence, a Force Entity himself, Typhon is still susceptible to attacks from it and should enough skilled Force Users lay siege upon him, they will find great success in weakening him. Powerful Force-Imbued Weapons also hold effectiveness over him and can physically harm him.
Once a member of a long lost canine species, Typhon Dlukav was a proud warrior and explorer, taking his people to heights they never dreamed possible. His martial prowess and scientific intelligence made him king within twenty years of his life and soon he lead his people on a crusade across the stars to build his own empire. However, as with all before his own, all empires fall before their true time and before long, Typhon was the last living member of his people, subjected to a life of solitude due to his own survival instincts and skills keeping him alive through the cataclysm that befell his kin.

Before long, however, he would stumble upon the world of Noxis and there, we would meet the apparent custodian known as Adon, with whom he formed a relationship. On Noxis, Typhon quickly mastered its powers and grew into something akin to a Demi-God, powerful in the Force and capable of creating life on a whim within its borders. Adon, who had fallen deeply in love with Typhon and his showcases of power, would eventually reveal herself as the original creator of his people, having forged them upon the lands of Noxis itself in a bout of extreme boredom.

She further revealed that she had sent the ancient members of his race to the stars to grow without her influence and become their own people. That they fell as horrifically as they did simply meant that they were not meant for the Galaxy after all, save for Typhon who Adon had come to view as someone comparable to herself.

She would discover that he was beyond her, instead, and she was quickly slain by her lover's hands in rage. Declaring himself as the true God of Noxis, Typhon swore to rectify the mistakes of Adon and his own people, and began to create the species whom he would directly involve himself with. Thus came the Koignalteth and Typhon's plans to revive his dead empire.
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This is a powerful submission, but I think that you've done a good job in crafting a balance between the strengths and weaknesses. Be mindful with any application in PvP, but as a lore sub I think this pairs wonderfully with the rest of your Noxis lore.

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