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Type-22 "Zev's Revenge" Force Nullifier Round

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Intent: To create an artillery variant of the Mandolorian Force-Breaker grenade
Development Thread: no
Manufacturer: Stargo Enterprises
Model: Type 22 “Zev’s Revenge” force nullifier round
Affiliation: CIS
Modularity: no
Production: made to order
Material: Durasteel coating, dense (but very fine) powdered Ixetal Cilona Extract
Nicknamed after the late Zev Stargo, for his infamous resentment of force users, this artillery shell is a deviation from the very popular “Force Breaker Grenade”. Instead of using a gas form of the chemical “Ixetal Cilona”, it uses a highly condensed and finely powdered form. The extract was purified and then mixed with acidic compounds to create a very fine powder after intense grinding. So fine is this powder that a single shell can hold multiple square feet of powder that can be dispersed over a large area. The powder is in a much higher quantity than the gas forms used by the Mandolorians, making it an effective weapon against both non-force users and force users.

After detonation of the warhead, the powder is released over the target area and descends rapidly to the surface. The powder then takes effect after being inhaled or absorbed through the pores of a beings skin. Once absorbed, the powder begins to affect the midi-chlorines of force-users which then disrupts their connection to the force. If enough of the powder is absorbed, one will also begin to moderate to severe hallucinations.

There are three detonation modes that the shells can be set to just prior to launch.

HAHD (High Altitude High Deployment) or High Altitude Burst – In this mode, the shells is launched at a high angle and detonates 200 meters (600 feet) above the surface of the planet and disperses the powder over a radius of 1 mile (though wind conditions can carry the powder farther or shift the radius to a directional deployment). The effects on force-users on this setting have proven to be minor, with reports of slight headaches and loss of force sense (the ability to use the “sixth sense”) but no power loss. In Non-Force users, severe headaches have been reported. This is the hardest for force-users to deflect away (near impossible) but the easiest to be intercepted by counter-measures thanks to its high firing arc.

MAHD (Mid Altitude High Deployment) or Mid Altitude Burst – In this mode, the shell is launched at a slight angle and detonates 100 meters (300 feet) off of the planet’s surface. The powder is dispersed across a half-mile radius, though wind has a slight effect on the deployment. The effects on force-users on this setting are adequate, resulting in both the loss of force-sense and power loss (equivalent to a force-breaker grenade or higher). Force-users have also reported severe headaches and slight hallucination while NFUs have reported both severe headaches and major hallucination. This setting makes the projectile is less vulnerable to counter measures but is also vulnerable to force deflection.

LALD (Low Altitude Low Deployment) or Low Burst Round or, as a slang term, Up the Tail Pipe – In this mode, the shell is launched at a low angle and requires a decent line of sight to be effective. This is the only mode in which the maximum range of the round is not that of the Artillery piece. This setting has a maximum range of 6 miles and is the fastest moving of the three settings. The round detonates 15 meters (45 feet) off of the surface of the planet and deploys over a small area of about 80 feet. The high concentration of powder is the most effective, causing reports of severe force connection loss to the temporary, but complete, loss of force powers. Aside from becoming nearly blind (or nearly blind) to the force, force-users have reported severe hallucinations and severe headaches. NFUs have been reported as experiencing severe headaches, severe hallucinations, severe spasms, severe seizures, temporary complete/partial paralysis and permanent handicapping. In some severe cases, a lethal dose is administered and death is a result. Death has been reported in multiple NFU exposure cases, but only a handful of times in Force User tests. This round is near impossible for counter-measures to intercept, but the fact that line of sight is near the only way to fire in this setting is a downfall. Its speed when in air makes it very vulnerable to buildings and other obstacles and is the easiest to be deflected by force-users.

Classification: Rocket assisted bio-chemical warhead
Size: Artillery launched
Status: Illegal (military)
Length: 4 meters
Weight: 800kg
Ammunition Type: Physical
Ammunition Capacity: N/A
Effective Range: 3 miles with a maximum of 6


Personally, I don't like the idea of such a device.
But the submission you're basing it off of was approved (I don't agree with it) so this is certainly in position to be able to take advantage of that.

I would be willing to guess this will also require a Dev Thread based on the current rules.

I would make note that it requires a physical Cannon rather than anything that fires plasma or lasers since it is a physical cartridge. Obvious, yes, but never hurts to have too much information.
Add something about the impact a respirator, helmet, etc will have. Even a fine grain I would imagine won't necessarily make it into a military grade helmet. So that's a good weakness to have against foot soldiers to emphasize that it is specialized towards force users.