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Private Twisting Light

Darth Xiphos
Wearing: Chitin of Lysandra

Armed with: Sword of Cinndurr

Arrived in: The Shadow Bride

Invited to Naboo: Beltran Rarr Beltran Rarr

Objective: Offer to share her skills with him.

With: Darth Themis Darth Themis

Her sons, the Skeletal Model 1's had contacted Beltran through an Anonymous message on the Holonet. As he had no doubt familiarized himself through intelligence reports about her official condemnation from the SJC regarding her violent fighting of the NIO and NJO and the heavy use of her Nuetralizers in multiple conflicts.

The Nuetralizers, being Nuetralizers, had sprinkled their actually quite careful instructions with pop culture jokes about spy films, partly to disguise the nature of it's message from anyone who intercepted it, and partly because they were fethed up like that.

Xiphos walked out of her ship and to the grassy fields of Naboo. Her mentor and Grandmother Darth Themis over saw the practice of new recruits. Both refugees from Sarka and Dubrava, along with disillusioned Jedi recruits. They all practiced the conjuring of Electric Judgement, Green Lightning arcing through their fingers as they practiced Niman Style with Lightsaber Spears. They were not here because of Themis. They were here because of Xiphos.

She had been horrified, discovering her face on a T-Shirt a few days ago. Word of her recent deeds had spread, and she was either a deeply misguided, possibly insane traitor, or she was a genuine hero forced to resort to extreme measures against not only the Bryn'adul, but against the major factions bent on killing each other first before giving any thought to facing them. Letting billions die on the rim in the process.

Syd had vanished after Csilla, and refused all Xiphos's calls. Something had happened with her and her little poison pill of a student, Starlin Rand Starlin Rand . Xiphos had a photo of him covered in darts. She was tempted to have him hunted down and rendered comatose but that would definitely make things worse, and even she knew it.

So she waited for Syd to clear her head, but felt a distinct sense of shame.

What did Syd have to be ashamed about?

(Cutaway of Darth Phyre murdering and dismembering Laertia's parents during the Gulag Plague)

(Cutaway of J. Jonah Jameson sitting in his seat, tense with dread at the undetonated grenade of the author's narrative)

Xiphos would walk amongst the students in the black armor of her biological mother, Lysandra Crownwraithe.

She would critique posture, speed. Focus. The thought of losing Syd to that foolish boy was unbearable. She had to focus.

She had so much to be thankful to Syd for. She had removed the constant humiliation of her speech impediment. She had made her scars vanish and given her a confidence, a belonging she had never truly enjoyed before.

She had given her the courage, essentially, to do what she thought was right.

To lose her now...

No, Xiphos thought. I will not lose her.

(Cutaway of Obi-Wan and Anakin fighting on Mustafar)

(Cutaway of Iron Man and Captain America fighting.)

Xiphos had sent out the invitation because she saw potential in Beltran. He would do anything, make any ally he had to to defeat the Genocidal threat of the Bryn'adul. The Jedi thought they were too good to set aside old feuds for even a moment. Same with the governments they protected.

But Beltran was openly flouting all the Jedi stood for. If he could flout conventional thinking, he could flout it further. She just hoped he was willing to listen.

She had sent him someone interesting to pick him up...


Following: Arianna.

Wearing: Naiad Combat Armor

Armed with: Mindshear (Curved hilt Lightsaber, red blade)

Current Persona: Darth Ryluss (See Bio)

It all basically boiled down to him taking a few routes to the edge of non SJC space, where Arianna Belasko Arianna Belasko would await him on a small colony world with a serial number for a name. It had been explained to him via coded message that if he did accept, Xiphos would not be the one to pick him up, as it was too dangerous for her to get near SJC space with the things she had done.

So Arianna had to go. Except, it was vital to keep as many of her most vital allies concealed. So Arianna could not even go as Arianna.

She instead had to go as someone else, wearing the form and mind of the person the Alchemized Shard Alien inhabiting her brain had murdered a while back. A Sith of the TSE known as Darth Ryluss, a mental manipulation specialist.

The "Darth" now a False Dark Sider, awaited him at the front of a large, Personal ship, a Cathedral Yacht . She had arrived alone, as the message promised, a middle aged but beautiful woman with tan skin and long, dark brown hair, in a skintight white combat suit. She had been waiting only ten minutes, the Persona of Ryluss made to believe she had always been an ally of Laertia, rather than a mere fragment of a horrible woman made into a hidden light Adepts puppet.

But would Beltran show? Even Ryluss wasn't sure. Xiphos told her he was one of the single most dangerous soldiers she had ever met. If he showed, it meant he was sure he could walk away, with a few dozen contingencies to ensure he could, but Xiphos had invited him under the auspice of mutual interest. Ryluss was interested, because when someone as deadly as Xiphos called someone else very dangerous...

Oh hell, she was fascinated to meet the man who had earned such an assessment from one so skilled...
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