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Approved NPC Twilight Company

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Sol Stazi


"Twilight Survives"


  • Unit Size: Medium
  • Unit Availability: Unique
  • Unit Experience: Veteran
  • Combat Function: The Sixty First is a mechanized infantry and air cavalry unit, specialized in deploying via troop transport or dropship either to the middle of a combat zone or behind enemy lines. Trained to fight in all matter of environments, alongside armor or alone as resistance operatives, Twilight Company is considered to be a multi-role assault force capable of serving either as scouts or as shock troopers.
  • Rebel Commandos: Not technically a special forces unit but in practice they might as well be, Twilight Company has been around long enough that they have experience and expertise in just about every military scenario you can conceive of. As a mobile infantry company operating independently of a larger battalion or regiment, the Sixty-First is used to fighting outnumbered against superior firepower or behind enemy lines and coming out ahead in the end.
  • Capable Scavengers: Keeping alive lessons learned by the Company during their ragtag roots, each member of the Sixty-First is adept at acquiring what they need to keep operating effectively even in the middle of a battlefield. Whether it be spare power packs, a fallen bandolier of detonators, a fallen ally or enemy's weapon or even a completely improvised weapon entirely, Twilight's expertise in guerrilla tactics makes them hard to pin down, box in, or starve out.
  • Friends With Benefits: Twilight Company has been a part of the Alliance Armed Forces since before the name even existed, and in that time they've cultivated relationships throughout the Outer Rim and even beyond. Add to that the disparate backgrounds of the sentients they pick up through their open recruitment policy, chances are no matter where they are serving throughout known space, someone in Twilight knows someone in the area, either a local or soldiers from another company nearby. Whether this person is always willing to provide help, is entirely another matter and usually comes down to the extent of the particular soldier's gambling debts.
  • Grunts: Perhaps not an obvious weakness for a mobile infantry unit, but nevertheless the main drawback preventing Twilight from achieving true special forces status. While the company's practical knowledge makes up in some ways for this lacking, the soldiers of the Sixty-First have received no special training or education in fields of expertise beyond those they bring in from their lives before the army, and only limited training in specialized equipment when there is time. They can lay demo charges well enough, but if High Command wants them to infiltrate an enemy base and hack into their classified datafiles, they better assign them a slicer that actually knows how to do it once they get there. They should also be prepared for the contingency in which "infiltrate" means "very large explosion."
  • Bad Reputation: Well earned or not, any favor the Sixty-First has gained among their compatriots for their heroic deeds is overshadowed by their reputation for debauchery. Even in exile Twilight Company continued its long tradition open recruitment, often inviting grief from suspicious generals who see Twilight as nothing more than a nesting ground for potential enemy spies.
  • Hazard Pay: Not exactly a weakness within the unit itself, but inherent in Twilight's status as a mobile infantry company means that in any given battle they are at the mercy first of the crews of their posted capital vessel and then the pilots of their transports before their lives are even in their own hands. As a result, there is a period of time in any given engagement where the Sixty-First is just as vulnerable as any other unit, special skills or no.

A veteran company of rebel commandos that has been in continuous operation since well before the One Sith campaign, perhaps the most well known Alliance army unit is the Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, otherwise known as Twilight Company. A somewhat unique holdover classification from one of the many disparate provincial militias that came together to form the original GAAF, as a mobile infantry unit the company is not attached to a greater battalion or regiment. Instead all 144 soldiers (give or take at any one time) operate independently as a fast response strike team based out of a smaller capital ship usually of frigate or corvette designation but not always, its smaller size and quick mode of transport placing it contextually somewhere between a paratrooper and mechanized infantry company in terms of role and utilization. Most of the time, their transport will operate with at the very least a gunship escort.

Lead by a commanding officer, currently Major [member="Lyra Sunfell"], who occupies an equally unique position within the military hierarchy, the Twilight commander operates with a comparable degree of authority to their posting's executive officer, often consulting with the vessel's commander and possessing limited authorities to belay or even countermand the orders of the ship's captain under certain circumstances. As a result of this legacy status, the Sixty-First has often held a relationship with their posting's senior officers ranging anywhere from tense to contentious to outright hostile. The captain of their current billet, the CR90 Corvette Firebird, is more considerate than most, over the years having come to respect the Major's tactical insight.

Despite increased security measures throughout the Alliance Remnant after their betrayal from within, Twilight Company continues to uphold their policy of open recruitment, making time to stop and campaign for volunteers on each world they visit. This has given the Sixty-First a reputation among many circles as a den of Imperial or Sith agents just waiting for an opportunity to strike and cripple the exile's operations once more, even though over the years Twilight recruiters have become adept at discerning genuine applications from those who may possess ulterior motives.

Another quirk of the Sixty-First is that, unless for ceremonial purposes or around officers of other units, while respect is paid towards company Sergeants and officers in terms of honorifics, though they possess such designations and the accompanying responsibilities, the ranks of Privates and even Corporals are often omitted, many enlisted personnel even going by nicknames or names they selected for themselves, usually the ones who came to the company through open recruitment seeking a completely fresh start.

With all these subtle imperfections, its a wonder Alliance High Command considers Twilight so highly, and the answer lies of course in their effectiveness as a fighting force. Among the go-to experts in fighting outmanned and low on resources as well as guerrilla tactics, even taking into account special forces, the Sixty-First has a history of both impossible victories and playing a critical role in Alliance operations. That is not to say that the attrition rate has not been high, however, as due to this same record Twilight Company is often sent into the most dangerous of combat zones, leading to a lot of new and young faces going through the recruitment process year after year.

- Updated combat information to current codex version standards.
- Updated equipment list.
- Updated terminology to reflect the Galactic Alliance's fall.
- Modified/expanded historical information to include Twilight's current status as a rebel outfit.
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