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Approved Starship [TSA] TIE Liberator (TIE/Lr) Starfighter

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Intent: To create a Heavy Starfighter for The Sith Ascendancy, to complement the Fury-class Starfighter
Image Source: Original Image
Canon Link: None
Restricted Missions: None
Primary Source: Starfighter Template

Manufacturer: Ignus Industries
Model: TIE Liberator Class Starfighter (TIE/Lr)
Affiliation: The Sith Ascendancy
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Titanium-Alloy Hull, with Quadanium Frame, Transparisteel Viewports

Classification: Fighter
Length: 15m
Width: 7m
Height: 4m
Armament: Moderate
4 R9-X Heavy Laser Cannons, Dual-Linked
2 Concussion Missile Launchers (4 missiles total)
Defenses: Average
Squadron Count: 6
Maneuverability Rating: Average
Speed Rating: Average
Hyperdrive Class: 3

- Heavy armament compared to the Fury-class Starfighter
- Ejection Seat built into the cockpit allows for pilot to eject
- Ray Shields equipped, with fore and aft generators (taking 3-4 shots maximum before failing)
- Minimal Particle Shields (designed to protect against micrometeorite impacts against the hull)
- Hyperdrive-equipped.

- Heavily armed, designed to engage shuttles, troop transports or standard fighters
- Compact design means there are no protruding sections of the hull to be damaged by stray fire
- Has minimal shielding, designed to accept several hits before failing, to give additional protection to the pilot
- Capable of jumping to Hyperspace without the need for a carrier ship

- Relatively weak hull armour makes the starfighter a 'glass cannon': capable of directing heavy firepower, but unable to accept much once the shielding fails
- Less maneuverable than starfighters of equivalent size
- Forward-facing weapons mean that the vessel is vulnerable from the rear
- Comparatively expensive: costs 1.7x the cost of a Fury-class Starfighter to produce
- Heavy laser cannons can overheat if used too extensively, leaving the TIE-Lr relatively defenseless


Prompted by the need to see more firepower in tactical space combat, the Ascendancy commissioned Ignus Industries to create a heavier variant of the Fury-class Starfighter, something that could be produced in smaller numbers, but with sufficient weapons technology to be able to engage heavier targets and inflict enough damage to enable the smaller snubfighters to follow through. Thus, the TIE-Lr is designed as a first-wave vessel: damaging ship turrets and shield generators, or engaging larger targets that a smaller fighter might struggle with, such as armoured transports, troop dropships or even gunships.

Due to the firepower requirements, and the wish to keep the costs of the starfighter to a minimum, the hull is constructed from a reinforced titanium-alloy, though the frame that gives the vessel shape are made from a quadanium frame, in the hope that the ship might be able to return to safety and merely have armour plates replaced, rather than the entire ship. To compensate for this, the TIE-Lr is equipped with light shield generators, with fore and aft coverage, but this is only sufficient to allow the ship to sustain a small handful of shots before failing completely. These will then need to be recharged before being functional again - with burnout being a real consideration in any dogfight.

Equipped with a Class-3 Hyperspace Generator, the TIE-Lr is capable of engaging on solo operations without the escort of a larger carrier vessel, enabling them to be used as efficient long-range strike vessels. However, the starfighter's sublight speeds and maneuverability are average for size: only the most skilled pilots will be able to get the most out of the ship, and an average one is likely to find themselves at a disadvantage flying against faster ships, particularly interceptors. For this reason, it is recommended that any operations involving the TIE-Lr be conducted with use of an escort from smaller, faster starfighters.
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