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Approved Tech [TSA] SAB-032 Multi-Purpose Sidearm

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Intent: To create a standard-issue sidearm for Sith Ascendancy forces
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Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: Blaster Pistol

Manufacturer: Ignus Industries
Model: SAB-032 Multi-Purpose Sidearm
Affiliation: The Sith Ascendancy
Modularity: Ammunition Types
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Durasteel, Blaster Components

Classification: Blaster Pistol
Size: Handheld
Length: 310 mm
Weight: 1.1 kg

Ammunition Types and Capacity:
- Standard Rounds: Power Cell (built-in, rechargeable) and Gas Canister (30 shots per magazine in Single-Shot, 10 shots in Burst Mode)
- Shock Bolt Rounds (5 per cartridge)
- Durasteel Flechette Rounds (15 per cartridge -in Single-Shot or 3 in Burst Mode)

Effective Range: 30 m for all ammunition types

Rate of Fire:
- Single-Shot Fire (Standard, Flechette and Shock Rounds)
- Burst Fire Mode (Standard Rounds, 3 shots per burst; Flechettes, 5 needles per burst)

- Can switch between single-shot and burst-fire modes (except when using Shock Bolts)
- Can use variable ammunition types, but requires separate ammunition cartridges
- Built-in laser sight, located beneath the barrel

Though designed as a back-up weapon for troopers in the field, to complement their longer-ranged rifles, the SAB-032 is designed so it may also be used by military officers and support personnel as a defensive weapon.

With this in mind, the blaster is useable with three different ammunition types: Standard Blaster ammunition, Flechette Cartridges and Shock Bolt rounds, in order to allow the weapon to be employed for non-lethal fire.

To accommodate field use, the weapon has been designed to switch between burst and single-shot fire, to allow for more concentrated firepower at close range.

- Compact design
- Variable ammunition, allowing the weapon to be used for multiple purposes
- Can switch between single-shot and burst-fire modes

- Has a limited range, can only fire at targets in close-range
- Increased recoil caused during burst mode, particularly when using Flechette rounds
- Low ammunition per magazine
- Limited usage life due to wear-and-tear on components: must be replaced every two years, if in regular use
- Difficult to maintain


Created to complement the design of the SAR-41 Multi-Purpose Assault Rifle used by Ascendancy forces, the SAB-032 is a sidearm that can be used with multiple different types of ammunition, in order to allow it to be used for both lethal and non-lethal purposes. The incorporation of flechette cartridges also enable the sidearm to be used against Jedi, since the flechettes will be vapourised rather than deflected by a lightsaber, and firing them in burst mode makes it more likely that one or more flechettes will penetrate the enemy defenses.

However, the pistol is not intended for regular use: the more compact design and the ability to swap between ammunition types leads to greater stress on the frame and internal components, which gives the blaster a reduced usage life. Since it is only really intended to be used as a back-up weapon, however, this was not considered an issue during design and manufacture.

The weapon is also equipped with an infrared laser sight that is located beneath the barrel, to assist users with their targeting. This can be toggled on or off by a switch near to the laser sight itself.
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